Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | January 29, 2005

Something … in time

Something weird just happened – I am getting “fixed” up. I believe it all started last week at Starbucks. Yes my dear, the world does indeed revolve around Starbucks. The world ends at Starbucks on West Grey where there is a Starbucks on either side of the street … the end of the consumer world. I digress. So it all started last Saturday when I was with Rea and noticed a very tall edgy guy. In my dignified, and very hung over Stevie Nicks voice simply said, “HUBBA HUBBA” – the next day I got THE CALL. “Hey Jess, I went shopping and found someone for you.” For me? Equally as excited I felt like a kid going to Grandma’s house waiting patiently till Grandma pulls out that special prize. You never really do know what to do with the prize but play with it none the less. Her friend has a friend who would be perfect for me… and so the diatribe begins. Okay, tell him to call me. Several days went by, Rea said, “Has he called you?” Um…no. Next day, once again, “Has he called?” -No (not holding my breath). Next day, Rea says, ” My friend forgot to give him your number. But he’s got it now”

He called today – TODAY the day that I feel as though my brain has been sucked out of my head and someone has scrubbed it up and down on an aluminum washboard and rung it out to remove the excess liquid. As I sat there talking to him – I tried to focus and talk of mundane matters -… when in doubt – talk about sports. We spoke for a good 30 minutes. He seems like a real cool guy, attorney, edgy, fun, knows how to party … and likes football – I’m in. However, as luck would have it, our schedules are so crazy that we can’t get together until the week after next. Typical.

Met some more crazy NFL football players last night – during the course of an insane night. It was one of those moments in time when your standing there, watching your surroundings, and thinking, is this really happening? Got in from the par-tay at 5:00 a.m. safe and sound. I do not believe I have slept as late as I did since I was 12. Weird times.


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