Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | February 3, 2005


You know we live in a strange world when more people tune in to watch “American Idol” than the State of the Union Address. I mean isn’t it kind of the same thing? Watching a dummy sing the words others wrote? Being a Poli Sci undergrad I have seen this practice in motion many times. Ronald Reagan, R.I.P., was the best puppet of them all. He had drodes of people to write his speeches and he, in true character portrayal, affirmed the beliefs of his cabintry and party.

Every 6 months or so I do a stock check on my life and those I surrond myself with. Are they truly whom they seem to be? Am I moving in the direction I want to be moving in? Am I helping my friends and loved ones become better humans? I don’t want to appear as though I am climbing a giant beanstalk looking down on the world and casting judgement – as I am not. However, for many of us, we view life as a mission heading towards a destination. We tend to worry far to much of what others think of what and who we are. We try to be good people and “do onto others as they will do on to you.” I sing in my car – loudly at times while others look at me in hopes I will at the very least, put the window up. Understand, I don’t have the best singing voice, even my niece says, “Aunt Jess – please don’t sing. I will go to sleep on my own.”

From now on, I will keep the windows up when I practice my try outs for American Idol while I tune in to Watch the State of my Unions.

I am wearing my hair curly again, and thrown the flat iron to the back of my bathroom closet. My hair was dead pan straight until I was 23 or so. It’s nice to wear it, in it’s natural state.


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