Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | February 9, 2005

feeling like Tara Reid on a bender

I don’t get it? Why would the NY JERK’s Friend call me to say hi and to just see what’s up? He move away. He moved back to the the city. Away from the Astros, the Smog, the mosquitos, the no moutains, traffic construction, the Texans, and away from ME. Once again, I don’t understand the whole, ” I really like you so I am going to make you hate me,” scenario. Shortly after our interludes, he moved. I have tried to understand why it is that he called me on Sunday after the game and left a voice mail. And . . . why his friends are calling me to see, “what’s going on?”. It doesn’t make sense, perhaps, a boy is just being a boy and looking out for his own best intrest. Kick him to the curb???

I can’t take this roomate situation any longer. Everytime I see her I want to yell, “You stole from my friend, you stole from me, you slept with married men!” But I don’t I keep that between me and my blog and the 3 people that read this, She’s not a good person and I can’t stand to be around her – note to self – (*)


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