Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | February 17, 2005


Day 10 and counting. I haven’t had a drop. I have managed to drive past every Starbucks I see. But this morning, I was tempted. I feel like a junkie. Am I really addicted to Starbucks? I think about all of the factory and field workers my coffee addiction feeds. Am I really trying to rationalize my problem?
(The above was written solely for my mother who once said I needed a Starbucks Intervention) I’m fine really.

Have to run down to Pasadena for meetings – I am sure there will be stories.

Okay meetings are over with and am back in the office stopping for a mental health check up. Why? Why do I need one when it’s only 2:09 in the afternoon?
Because my computer is sick! It’s quite ill – I am looping adaware. Perhaps I need a starbucks – should I call my sponsor? No steady now you can focus. No uber-bitch rants. I am light headed thinking about the big cozy chairs, ambient lighting and the addictive product that doesn’t kill you, but makes you rather loopy.

Starbucks has replaced 7/11s and pubs as gathering places for teens, 20-somethings and office workers — a cultural hat trick. Just yesterday the Today show ran a segment about teenagers gathering at Starbucks after school. Is Starbucks a status hangout? A liquid crack for yuppies and their offspring? The cost to brew a cup of coffee is less than 50 cents. There for, the remaining 3 dollars and 50 cents pays for steaming the milk, and the branding and labeling of the cup.
So why and how can we justify the high cost for coffee? The idea of Starbucks brings us, myself included, self-indulged consumer society to a common ground. It’s an equalizer for those of us that willing to pay four bucks for a cup of coffee and step out of the daily grind and enjoy a cup of coffee.

I am saving money right now. And going to try stop thinking about Starbucks


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