Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | February 24, 2005

My mother: The Super Hero

The sky was black, and the alarm went off, I pulled the covers over my head, hit snooze and fell back asleep.

It was storming horrificly in H-town this morning. I felt the angels bowling and the guys in the apartment above me moving their furniture.

As I drove down South in the thick of it all I spoke to my mom who was also going through a bad storm.

5-8 inches of SNOW!!!! I laughed whole heartedly while I rubbed my hands together. And then felt very guilty after my mom told me she was going to shovel the sidewalk so Dad wouldn’t have to do it.
My mother the super hero.

Conversation with Mom –
Mom: “How is work going”
Me: “Good,it’s been a busy month with sales”
Mom: “You’ve been with them a while”
Me with sarcasm, “Yeah, must be all that alcohol I have been drinking”
Mom: “Honey, your not drunk. Your just lubricated”
Me, “Like a machine?”
Mom, ” A well oiled one. And honey, I do hope your kidding about the alcohol”


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