Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | February 26, 2005

If your status ain’t Hood – put on Wranglers

Houston, Texas – GIDDY UP! That’s right, it’s rodeo time.

I swear, this is the only city in America where I leave the office for lunch, head to the Galleria, and on my return I get stuck behind 3 dozen horses. They call themselves “The Trailriders” Where is the trail? All I see is loop 610. The whole spectacle of the rodeo is a grand theatrical modern way of honoring the roots of Texas . . . THE LONE STAR STATE.
Which always makes me think of the sexy saucy Val Kilmer as he saunters across the saloon and states, “I’ll be your Huckleberry”
HUBBA HUBBA meow purrrrrrrrr. As I scan the rodeo crowd, all I can think is BUBBA BUBBA

Which proves, you can take the girl out of Jersey, but you can’t take the Jersey out of the girl.

Last night I went to the rodeo barbecue cook off
Conversation I over heard
Girl 1: See that?
Girl 2: Jeans so tight, if I were blind I could read Braille on her thighs
Girl 1: Oh no you did-int.
Girl 2: That’s right.


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