Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | February 28, 2005

Hollywood ? Why are they all so important?

I have never really got into watching the Oscars, but this year I decided to ride it out while hanging with my sisters. The awards as I saw them…

* Chris Rock was incredibly, incredibly boring. I have seen him live during his standup routine and he is hilarious. Well, he is raunchy and bend over grab your gut funny.
* Kate Winslet is the woman – she was stunning and classy in her ice blue dress
* Robin Williams looks great in hot pink. One of the few straight men that can pull that costume off.
* Drew Barrymore looked good last night – she definately suffers from the hot and ugly syndrome
* When I heard that two very talented vocalists would be singing, Believe, I was surprised to learn it was, “Josh Grobin and BEYONCE!!! No surprise on Grobin but, Beyonce. I mean, I liked her before tonight she’s refined. But the songs did not suite her style. And then she ruined a perfectly pretty black evening gown with ultra-gaudy diamonds and bad makeup. Make it stop. The kitchen sink on her ears was distracting.
* And then to make matters worse she butchered the Phantom of the Opera song, should have let Minnie Driver sing it as she does in the movie.
* Cate Blanchett is so, so classy.
* Hillary Swank has a great back.
*Sean Penn is sloppy looking
* Was Leo’s date pregnant or have house dresses come back in style?
* Johnny Depp is just weird. But well respected because he has never “sold out and gone for the mainstream box office hits. I still love What’s eating Gilbert Grape
* Samuel L. Jackson is still sexy –
I can’t say it better than Candied Ginger
“* Jamie Foxx’s grandmother’s spirit animal is a white dove that arrives on his windowsill every morning at 5:30 to wake him with a gentle song and a motherly attempt to peck his eyes out, and that’s why he’s such a great actor. ”
* Counting Crows, Mr. Jones, your still wild and crazy – Digging the eccentric artist thing.
Julia Roberts is so yesterday. But still a class act.
Clint Eastwood’s mom is alive. Can I get a Hell Yeah!!
* I would like to give an oscar to each and everyone of you who sat through the evening. What other industry can you work 3 months out of the year and rake in 3 million. That’s entertainment.
The above was obviously written in pure envious fashion


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