Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | March 1, 2005

Go Fish in a Martini

Remember playing cards when you were a kid? Go Fish, Old Maid, Uno, and 52 CARD PICK UP (my brothers would get me with that one all the time). They would tease and taunt me,
Brothers: “Hey j-bird, let’s play cards”
Me: “Okay, what are we playing?”
Brothers: “52 Card Pick up HA HA” they would toss the cards all over the room as though a vacuum bag had exploded igniting the room with dirt.
Me: “Your not funny, MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I chuckle at the experience now, but this is probably why I currently don’t know how to play poker or black jack. That’s all about to change.

Tonight’s menu: Poker for Dummies (no joke). Good gal pals, martini’s, and learning the art of a poker game. We all know how to catch a ball, throw a ball, know what a first down is, a line drive, clearing the puck, full court press,what on deck means, what a “pancake glove”, an RBI,tip off, over and under, how to make a sale, write a published paper, a good business transaction, etc… but one of the many things we all truly want to learn is how to play poker. It’s on my list.
Next on the list…..anyone willing to wager?


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