Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | March 2, 2005

Stress Reliever – this job is killin me

Slam middle finger in closing file drawer. Proceed to show everyone your on-the-job injury.

Trip over shoe lace as walking down the hall and blame the engineers

Today, I had fun at my bosses expense (I couldn’t help myself). When I came to this company 2 years ago I found a decapitated samurai statue. He has lived under the veil of my desk.

My boss is cracking the whip this month to make sure we blow away the other hospitals. When I say “cracking the whip” I mean he is hitting me on the eyeball with a wet noodle. When I got back from my appts. this morning I placed the decapitated statue on DQ’s desk with a sign that reads,

“This person did not fill out the MHHNP Secure Suite Quote and did not meet their sales Quota”

It kept him going for 20 minutes. He still doesn’t know it was me who did it.

It’s our little secret.


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