Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | March 7, 2005

Two Of my favorite people

Two Of my favorite people got married this weekend. Keri and Jayson – congrats!
They have been engadged for about 2 years, the wedding was scheduled to occur, “when they have enough money saved” . They have the happy ending a lot of people envy and lack which is why our divorce rate is so high but, I digress. They truly found a best friend and lover in one another – thanks to that fateful day when Keri forgot her jacket and J offered her his. Sadly his mom is losing her battle with time. About 3 weeks ago I get an email with the Wedding invite attached. I rapidly respond with a YES YES -I can not miss this RSVP and am surprised at how soon the wedding is. J responds, and I cry out of happiness and love. His mother has had cancer and it has progressively become worse.It’s terminal and is not doing well.
The wedding was held at the San Luis Resort in Galveston (thumbs up). It was a small wedding, 60 of their closest family and friends (honored to be invited) Keri was stunning as always. With the exception of my sisters and sister-in-laws, I do not believe I have seen a bride glow as she did. Jayson, always the good looking edgy jokester looked sharp. The ceremony was performed on the lawn with the background of the gulf. As they were announced, Mr. & Mrs. Brooks and walked away a roaring round of applause was heard. High on the balconies was roughly 200 people, obviously this was better than pay per view.
The reception was held in the resort ball room. Keri and her father danced to some country song. Then came the mother son dance. J – picked his mother up from the wheelchair and glided her across the floor dancing to Wind Beneath My Wings. Not a dry eye in the room.

Later that night I ran into some old school friends. It was great to see them all out again. I smile at how we have all changed and are the same group of goobers who still make me laugh. Like a rare gem kept in a lock box, you cherish their friendship even though you don’t see them very often.


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