Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | March 10, 2005

sack o

I can’t help it. I can’t look away – in my best valley girl voice I scream, “it completely, like totally, grosses me out.” But I can’t look away – I listen in a distant fashion as though I am trying to ignore the cricket that has wedged it’s way into my wall. I want to ignore it, yet am intrigued by the tenor of the crowd and symphonic sounds that surround the noise. Thanks to modern day technology I am updated at the click of a button and a scroll of the mouse as it zooms across the pad.

Michael Jackson has a warrant out for his arrest b/c he was not in the court room when the Judge entered this a.m. His lawyer stated he was in the hospital due to health problems.

My $.02 – health problems of being a complete FREAK and looking like a monkey – not to mention that he is mentally unstable, what type of “man” invites kids to sleep in his bed. More importantly what type of parent allows their child to sleep over a 48 year old man’s house?


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