Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | March 13, 2005

Rusty China Doll

Random things are on my mind this morning. I can’t seem to focus on anything. I just got back in from a long run – it’s absolutely gorgeous weather. My buddy Chris was out on his motorcycle cruising around in River Oaks and almost hit me. May I add that he did not have a helmet on either – double wammy – is that how you spell wammy or is it wamme? Crud some people reading this might now even know what a wamme is. Crazy monkey – I have a thing for monkey’s and midgets – I know it’s weird and strange – perhaps I shouldn’t type that. I went on an appointment last week to a 4 physician practice – the waiting room was full and they had a NOW SERVING sign. The type of big digital sign you see at the deli (if I went to a deli). I can’t stop thinking about how impersonal that is. Churn and burn – I almost wanted to walk away from the deal but truth be told the head doctor was really cute and single – I digress … again.

What’s really on my mind is Friday night Shad (broke my heart) sends me a text message and asks, “If you were a hot dog and were really hungry would you eat yourself”
I replied, “If I was a gay man yes, If you count a dog’s tail as a leg – how many legs does the dog have?” It went back and forth like this for a while and then he tells me he is not moving and is going to embrace Houston. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I am okay with this, but of course I was already drinking martini’s at a neighbors. Then home to get ready to meet up with a bunch of pals. I handled the situation like a mature adult (sarcasm) and got drunk . . . to make the night even stranger – I ran into the guy I was on a date with several months ago who kissed my best friend during the course of the date. He had the gall to say, “I really liked you, I was drunk – can I call you?” I laughed.

I have to go get ready to go to my nieces b-day party – Happy birthday Megan (Nutmeg)!


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