Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | April 12, 2005

Shameless – Happy 28th

I don’t eat meat, chicken, beef or seafood. …None at all.

I laugh when I am sad, and cry when I am hurt.
I get very giggly when I am tired.
When you tell me a secret and tell me not to tell anyone I won’t.
I get lost in multi-club venues…and can’t remember where my tab is.
I love wine not whining

My idea of a Sunday is going for a run, reading the paper or a book, catching a game, or brunching with friends
I don’t date midgets.
I can’t manage drunkenness and stairs

I fall down a lot. (when I am drinking)

I love lounge gymnastics too much (have been known to do cartwheels in the hall)

I’m so scatter brained that I will have to go out and buy a duplicate item of something I just bought and lost two days ago.
If I am reading or writing, I will totally block you out if you try to talk to me.
I love playing practical jokes, and hate having them played on me

I am extremely blunt and have a tendency to open my mouth and speak my mind no matter how hard I try to control myself.
I drink like a fish and curse like a sailor, but I don’t know if this is a minus or a plus.

I don’t play dumb, ever.
I am lousy at forgiving myself.

I’m a huge sports nut. I’ll talk about them with any one, even if you have no clue what I’m talking about.

I’m very indecisive, no I ‘m not, yes I am.
I get bored easily and become antsy

I have a very flirtatious nature.

I tend to talk very loud and lack a volume control

Just when you think you’ve got me fixed, I throw another dysfunction at you to begin the process all over again.

I have a low tolerance for dishonesty. I say it like it is and hold nothing back. I expect the same out of anyone I associate with. An omission is a lie in my book.

Yes my hair is naturally red and no you can’t make me prove it.

Ethan Hawke walked in on me in the bathroom when I was 6 yrs. Old.

I will never again have a roommate

I will never live with someone, again – until I am married.

I have a tough girl attitude but am a real softie.

I’m pro adoption and pro choice.

I would make a good mom someday, but will settle for making an awesome aunt.

I’m not a jealous person.

If you’re going to hold my hand – HOLD IT.

My favorite time of the day is dusk.

I talk to my Mom everyday

I don’t care about a guy’s car and watch. Treat me right

I look in the mirror when I am driving

I can drive with my knees

I love a warm towel

I call people Babe and Dude – A LOT!

I love LOVE

My favorite move is The Princess Bride

I ask people if they want my cat, but could never part with her.

I miss my best friend from high school.

I was 48th in the nation for cycling in 2002

I have scars from road rash from falling off my bike at 30 mph.

I have run 2 marathons

I have bad knees

I can crack my back on demand

I heart John Cusack and Zach Braff

I’ve never cheated, but have been cheated on.

I believe in Karma

I can still do the Splits.

I know right from wrong all it’ss a choice we all make.

I don’t believe in friends of convenience.
I have lived more places then people twice my age.
I have amazing parents.
When people say, “you know how siblings are” like it’s a statement – no I don’t. Their my best friends.
When I was 5 I was in a Annie Look A Like contest and was runner up.
I think runner up is a strange term.

I still want to be a doctor, a lawyer, and Wonder Woman.


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