Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | April 19, 2005


Once again it’s the start of the week and I am having focusing problems – I looked around my apartment this morning taking a stock of the weekends various events. An over turned wine glass in the sink, a half read novel with the pages bent down, a beach towel, happy birthday cards, flowers, my gym clothes, a Playboy magazine someone left at my house (note to self don’t discuss articles with new neighbors in PB), and a mind that does not know which way to go with a friendship.
How does one address a friend whom has lied to you? You know they have lied – you caught them fair and square they walked into the corner and can’t find a way out. In my ever so subtle manner I expressed my disgust and hurt. After asking her why she out right lied, I want to believe her story I dubbed “The Drunken Curse.” It was a a lie – a detail she forgot she told me, that’s the problem with lies; you forget who you said what to.

I have the propensity to walk away from drama; I don’t want to be involved. It’s to much to handle the crap of he said she said and you were my friend first BS. If I wanted drama I would watch the soaps. Have you ever pondered the irony of soap operas containing the word soap? Soap cleanses one to get rid of grime and dirt. Ironically, on soap operas everyone cheats lies, and steals – the whole show is scandalous. Perhaps they are always reaching fro the soap? Just a thought.

Monday morning – apology accepted.


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