Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | April 22, 2005


If you have not heard all of the smart assed jokes about South Carolina being ridiculed for being down right backwards, crawl out of the cave you’re living in.

Because it is.
It’s beautiful in various parts of the state. I love Charleston, S.C. and want to retire there with my YaYa’s. Southern Hospitality truely exists (I still say mam and sir a lot). There are a lot of progressive thinkers who believe in equal rights for everyone but it’s not stressed that they are from S.C. The easiest and most P.C. way to sum up the other parts of the state is I will never ride my bike out of fear some redneck will run me off the road in his pick up just to prove a point. In college I wrote a paper concerning the removal of the confederate flag from the State building. The year was 1997 people! Yes – 1997 –can you believe it stayed flying high above the capital of South Carolina for that long? The South will rise again and Texas will secede – not likely. I’ll be the first one to call BULL SHIT.

And now Tiffy has just informed me of the following.

“Here goes…two laws were up for change from misdemeanors to felonies. One was cock fighting the other criminal domestic violence. Well, it’s now a felony charge to cock fight in SC but you can still beat your wife with a slap on the wrist. Look up Rep. Altman who was on air when he called the journalist stupid and dimwitted when asked about the reason for cocks before chicks.”


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