Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | April 25, 2005

Tool Gal

Because it’s raining outside and I don’t feel like draggin my booty to the gym – it’s Monday – gimme a break! This is one of those nights where the single life is helping me improve my tough girl skills. I borrowed a drill from the maintenance guys at my apartment complex to hang shelves. Figuring out how to change the drill bit was like looking for the last piece of the puzzle. I did it! Then came the hard part – making two dots in a straight line to hang the shelf. I gingerly picked up the drill and gripped it tightly. I stared at the wall admiring it’s smooth surface, I was about to disfigure the wall. It will never again be the same, sure they can respackle it, but the scar will remain. My eyes narrowed, I zoned in (the wall didn’t make a move)
BAM!!! I drilled it Baby!

On another note – I bought an IPOD Mini this past weekend I have lost it 3x already. It’s smaller than a finger in chili


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