Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | May 10, 2005

“What’s your theme song?”

“What’s your theme song?”
“My what?”
“Ya know your theme song, the song that describes you and always picks you up?”

Blankly, I replied, “You want to know what my theme song is.”

I visibly rolled my eyes at her. I couldn’t help it, it was inevitable. A theme song? That’s more cliché than identifying with Alley McBeal or Carrie Bradshaw. She waited, glaring at me as though it was a simple question such as, what’s you favorite color?

“Okay perhaps I am asking you the question wrong. A song that picks you up when you are feeling down.”
“And… it’s supposed to describe my life and the life I want to believe I am living?
“Something like that.”

Looking at her I knew she was serious and wanted an honest response from me. She was sincere in her question, any response I could give would have been grabbing at cultural straws trying and reaching for the answer she was looking for. I was not aware of this cultural phenomenon where I am supposed to allow a repetitive chorus followed by a few guitar solos to define my life.

“Come on now I’ve read some of your blog, you must have a song.”

I wanted to blurt out and say, Baby, I am a lot more than my blog and a fucking song.
Instead I replied, I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

Do most people have a theme song?
After going for my run this evening and realizing the one song I tend to loop on my IPOD is “Express Yourself” by Salt N’ Peppa -its a little old but has lots of rhythm


  1. I don’t have a theme song in the sense that I think it expresses the essence of me or something. But, I did used to listen to Allstar by Smashmouth before going to finals in school. It was my finals theme song. And now before I go to court I listen to Mic Chekka by BT. “God gave you words wisdom and power!” BT rawks. I feel like I can take on the world. But, I in no way identify with Alley McBeal. She was a skinny ho who wrote closing arguments every night. No one does that.

  2. Correction, the song is Mad Skillz by BT with Mic Chekka.


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