Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | May 17, 2005

A little BJ goes A Long Way

I grew up with Billy Joel

He was always on in the car when my father would drive me to gymnastic lessons, basketball lessons, soccer, dance lessons, viola lessons, cello lessons, drum lessons, piano lessons, and organ lessons. I really can’t complain about my childhood other than the organ lessons. We took them as a family.
Can you say Grizzwald Family SCARY?

My dad would sing a cappella and tap the steering wheel to Billy. During the beat breaks he’d turn the volume off to hear my little girl squeaks. Only The Good Die Young, Uptown Girl, Allentown, For The Longest Time, Italian Restaurant, Tell Her About It, and my favorite Keeping The Faith (yeah yeah yeah)

Some days all a girl needs is to download some Billy Joel and talk to her dad.


  1. He’s the man.

  2. every now and then “we didnt start the fire” just gets stuck in my head. i cant remember the last time i heard that song.

  3. i grew up listening to him too. but i will never forget that one album cover that has him and a blank face mask on it… gave me nightmares.

  4. I agree, kind of like carnival music and clowns

  5. I grew up w/ BJ too! My favorite was uptown girl. I used to dance around my room with my fake microphone(usually my hairbrush) singing it!

  6. The Stranger – includes Scenes From an Italian Restaurant, Movin’ Out, Vienna, Just the Way You Are, and, of course, Only The Good Die Young. One of his best, in my humble opinion.

  7. Dear Billy,

    You are my hero. You have so many fans here. I want to be just like you when I grow up. I love you Billy.

    Yours truly obessive fan,

  8. I thought I was the only one. He isn’t a very popular choice anymore, but each of his songs brings me back to a different episode of my life.

    Some of his older stuff is even better. “Vienna” makes me so happy, reminds me of college. Innocent Man, Matter of Trust . . . wish I had the CDs right now!

    Thanks for the post!


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