Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | May 20, 2005

Hubba Hubba

I went in for some water, and he for some coffee and M & M’s.

I was in my own world zoning out to Nelly walking with a little bounce. As I approached the counter, in typical Pig Pen fashion things were falling around me. I dropped the contents of my purse fumbling to get Mariah Carey off my IPOD. Squating down to pick up my items I heard, “You dropped this.” I looked up and saw god.

His eyes of a clear green stolen from the vacation I never took. He glowed as though the sun snuck down and kissed him good morning. When he stood up a scent of vanilla musk and honeysuckle’s snuck out from his white linen shirt. It lingered.

I thanked him and quickly checked for a wedding ring. No ring or tan line. Throwing the contents of my purse into an internal debacle he paid for his and I paid for mine.

Walking out my arms were full, with out pause, he opened the door for me. As I walked towards my car I dared myself to look over my shoulder. I never did.

I for got they made them like that.

And to the person who put Mariah Carey on my IPOD – this is war. I am downloading Hanson this moment.


  1. Don’t you just love moments like these? Butterflies…

  2. uhm…yeah mariah is definatly cause for termination of freindship.

  3. You didn’t even look back? Man, that’s it, I’m never gonna figure women out.

  4. yeah… why not look? whats the harm in letting a guy know something, even if its just that youre intrigued, or maybe that you just think hes’ effin hot? ::shakes head:: ill never figure it out either justin.

  5. during a flood evacuation an old man refused to leave his house, claiming “I have faith and God will keep me safe”
    A police car came to save him but he refused.
    Once the water reached the second floor, a boat came to rescue him and once again he said “I have faith and God will keep me safe”
    with water all around him, he sat on his roof and a helicopter came to rescue him and he said “I have faith and God will keep me safe”
    The house then collapesed and he drowned.
    At the pearly gates he asked God why he didn’t save him. God responded, ” I sent a car, a boat and a helicopter, what else did you want?”
    Or as Captian Jack Sparrow would say, “If you were waiting for the right moment, that was it.”

  6. Jonathan, evidently, watches The West Wing.

  7. west wing?
    that joke must be 30 yrs old. you crazy kids.


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