Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | May 22, 2005

Mother Hen

I called and said nothing
Jess you there?”
I couldn’t speak – a moan escaped. If I spoke I’d be sure to break down, which I don’t like to do.

Her heart unbundled as she offered unsolicited telephonic hugs.
“You should have taken my call or called me. Wait! I forgot who I was dealing with. You wouldn’t have.
I’ll be over at 10.”

That was it. My silence and her intuition.
Does everyone have a friend like this? The rational calm voice of a friend guiding you to the choice you won’t regret. The One you call for advice on how to handle a situation or to deal with the aftermath. Making lists of pros and cons and labeling it the “Don’t Do It” Rare moments when emotions are substiuted for mensa minds. Sometimes you call in the midst of an outbreak and break it down.

Then, free will takes over.

I haven’t spoken to Rea for 2 weeks. She knew I was makng masochistic choices. “You Catholic girls start much to late.”
I broke down in a trash heap today. The moutain of strife is piling up which has forced me to call in the reinforcements. She’ll grab a shovel and begin the clean up all the while laughing and ask, “Remember running through the sand in Laguna? There was a full moon, a warm fall breeze, but the sand was dead pan cold. We rationalized if we ran faster we would not feel the sandy ice particles on our bare feet. Ending the episode with us falling down laughing in the ice cold sand.”
She’ll scold me of course. The lashing is enevitable. I will use up all of my “But”, “I believed him”, “I thought”, “He said”, and “I wants”. We’ll drink champagne in the middle of the day. Sometimes you just need to celebrate with out cause.

She’s bringing chocolate kisses and daisies. She’ll wipe the tear from my eye and never say those four dreaded words.


Everyone should have a friend like Rea. A true sister of the heart.

If anyone needs me until then, I am going to my Rob Thomas happy place.
I’m out.


  1. I’ve been there too sweetie. Friends will always pull you out of the darkness.
    Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. be well, sass

  3. You’re a very intelligent person who knows how to get things done. You’re driven to get what you want, and your persistance will help ensure it.

    You are very caring and compassionate and offer help to those even when their actions don’t warrant your kindness. You try to understand individuals as best you can, and even when you don’t, you give the benefit of the doubt. You rarely judge, which is one of my favorite qualitites in people, maybe because it’s so rare.

    You often try to act as the ‘mediator’ between individuals, which can pull you in two directions sometimes, as you don’t want to upset either party, and also want to make each party feel better.

    With men, you tend to push away the good ones to a degree, and I think may be drawn to the ‘not-so-good’ for you ones… and I think you’re largely aware of this. When you become ready for the ‘right’ thing, it’ll happen. You often just don’t seem quite ‘ready’, but then again, who ever is!?!

    I also love you because you love life so much!! Even when it’s hard, you keep on going…

  4. Friends are cool. I also get the mean people posting “get over it” on my blog. So … I get all sides.

    That really sucks that that happened. I’m glad you have friends though to bring you through it.

  5. what ronda said is so true, darling! i have known you for a short time but you are cool as fo shizzle me izzle.


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