Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | May 23, 2005


The last 3 evenings it has blared loud above my head with a squeak, knock, bang, brassy undertones, and metal guitars. I pace and saunter back and forth. Metallica and Marilyn Manson are not meant to be played after 10:00 pm unless you are sacrificing Windows 98 or the Olson Twins. I can just know the neighbors are playing air guitar. Grabbing a broom stick I hit the ceiling and banged. Nothing. I banged again. He banged back. He fucking banged back.

This is a warning. Hell have no furry like a lady with PMS on a Monday evening. I have John Denver and Hanson on stand by. I am giving him 5 more minutes then I am marching up the stairs with my sea mineral blue face mask, my bathrobe, red hair in strands medusa style, de-clawed fur ball cat (her name is Jo b/c shes a bad ass), and a pair of chopsticks. The torture will begin. Quentin Tarantino has nothing on my tactics.

Beware ol neighbor above I will get you.

An hour later I never left but it stopped. I am sipping chamomile tea and talking to Tiffy.

Life is good once again.


  1. You should declare war.
    Hanson is always the best weapon.
    Maybe Britney Spears?

  2. sounds like you live in my apartment complex.

  3. that’s definitely the sucky thing about apartment-living. before we bought the house, we lived next door to a bouncer that worked at a club downtown… different (and loud) girls every night, and his hours were retarded. take that broom and show ’em the sassy side!

  4. Sass: he banged back? he fucking banged back? do you need to borrow one of my guns…as you know, i have several. maybe I could loan you the one I got on valentine’s Day or maybe you would prefer my birthday gun or my very sleek xmas gun? you choose.

    Kristen: I know you are not dissin brittey are you?

  5. “Hell have no furry like a lady with PMS ”

    what kind of furry doth a woman with pms have?

  6. You’ve seen Gremlins right?

    Remember how the cute and cuddly creatures can turn into evil monsters in a split second. That’s about it.


    Thank- god for his sake he turned off the music

    But if he does it again tonight….

  7. I would never diss Britney! I love her–it is others who seem to have a distolerance for her and her music.


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