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I am wrong a lot. Giving someone the opportunity to prove that I am wrong and ripping the soap box to shreds is a humbling experience. When people screw up, in my naievity, I will give them a second chance. When they screw up a third time, just like baseball, they are out. No matter how many times you try to come up to bat, I won’t pitch the ball. I am to busy playing the outfield.
Every fingerprint and mark he left is a distant memory. The way he grabbed my arm pulling me close as I inhaled in a startled subtle gasp of excitement and lust. The joke he told to every new encounter while placing his hand on my hip. Twirling me around for the punch line. Bright colors and moonlit walks, I always knew I was standing a little to close. Then he was gone.

I really like you
Don’t tell me, show me. Words fade faster than sand slipping through the hourglass. They fell out of his mouth with ease as though I was yet another he said them to.
And then he was, “out of town”. Damn, I want to be a bimbo, and think “out of town” means phones don’t work. Def. calling B/S. He was the vampire I did not see

When you see the vampire in the room you are expecting to die. He seduces you into allowing him to kill you. Your eyes give the passionate yes as your tomorrow fades. And yet, you believe, you have to. Because Peter Pan is knocking on your window. The tortured animals always recover scarred and more experienced. Never bitter. I tried to convince myself the rapid buzz that emanates from him is the sound of a heart buried deep beneath the strife and jealousy he projects.
But you believe, you can convenience him not to suck your life. Sex and death. Peak experiences. His laughter frightened me, no that was my laugh, a projectile force of the truth. And I hate it when the first feeling, my initial character analysis was right. I reloaded my emotional self unto him, hoping and wanting desperately to believe I was wrong.

The wound has healed, I am in the dugout now, warming up and waiting to bat.


  1. Your up to bat and wait…wait..what’s that??
    You’re too smart & sassy to not find someone to treat you like a princess.
    Don’t worry-it’ll come with time.

  2. ::smiles::

  3. smartass and a sassy bitch

  4. Uh thanks – bitch is a term of endearment, right?

  5. You do sure have a way with words… keep it going. You give me inspiration to do great things…

    and I’m a redheaded Jessica too ^_^

  6. yeah, what shawn said. keep it up hot stuff!

  7. whoa..when i first looked at this it looked as if i had called you a bitch, and i paniced. thas a term i save for hellspawn alone.

  8. I love being hellspawn or something like it, but lets add the angel wings and fairy dust and happy ending bull shit while we are at it.

    Thank-you Sarah, Ghost, Shawn, Kiki “ya’ll” have a fab. weekend Yous guys keep me going too.

  9. timing is a funny thing. thanks for the blog encouragement.

  10. Relationships can be rough.


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