Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | May 30, 2005

Oy Vey

After realizing my car really wasn’t stolen at the airport I decided, against my better judgement, to meet him for a drink. He urged and I was feeling needy.
One drink
Standing at the front door I couldn’t help but think how I hate returning somewhere I don’t want to be. Figuring things out and not understanding my miscalculations. Further more, not wanting to discect my own psyche because the inside of our own minds can be a scary place.
We met for one drink, I really needed a drink. However, I needed a bubble bath more than a drink. I caved as my thoughts and insecurities set in.

He gripped my hand and pulsed with a squeeze, my heart fluttered in response as to say, “still alive”.
“It’s great to see you again”
I should have rolled my eyes, I know I should have rolled my eyes. I returned with a suicidal, “You too.”
Walking along the path to nowheresville the band piped up. The drummer stared at my ass. He slipped his his hand in my rear jeans pocket like a bad 80’s magazine ad.
“What’s your poision?”
The sweat accumulated on my palms then I realized what she meant.
“Sky and Soda”
He was having a Gin and Tonic
I began fishing in my purse as he swiped my hand away.
“I’ll get it, please.”
“Only because you said please.”
He hands me my glass as we head for a quiet corner to patch things up.
A crash in our path. The blonde with the black top dropped her glass, shreiking like a crow that dropped a worm then falling to the floor laughing. I can’t help but think, The Bipolar Drunk.
His hand guides me across the glass. I want to head for the door, instead I give myself The Big Girl Talk. My thoughts were already teetering on the edge when I noticed the steadiness of his gaze AT THE BLONDE.
Maybe I was imagining it like post traumatic thinking, minutes turned into questions and statements of reassurance. Dutifully I wanted to believe, then I saw the obvious gaze again, he was still eyeing the blonde.
“She’s beautiful, a klutzy drunk, but gorgeous.”
“Hugh?”, he responded as though I was flashing a light in his face.
I wasn’t flashing the light, I am pretty damn secure, but I had to sigh and smile knowing I would sleep alone tonight.


  1. Wow. It’s never a good move to check out other women as you try and patch things up. Sheesh. I hope the rest of your weekend was good at least.

  2. The rest of my weekend was amazing, I’ll have to write up all the juicy details tonight so my sister can flog me as I learned some extremely exciting news. We’re planning a BIG FAT TRIP to China.

  3. I would have taken you to be a Stoli and soda woman. Why are you settling for a fanicer looking but cruder Sky?

  4. Guys always look. I catch Cody all the time. He’s so obvious. When will they learn? Was this the first date though? That’s a big no-no. Glad you had a good weekend!
    China???!? That’ll be awesome!

  5. I can’t wait to hear the rest.

  6. Instinct not talking to ya on this one? Or did you just ignore that buzzing.


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