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She was only 28 years old, married to the love of her life, David, a beautiful son,Samuel and a disease that took her away from us.

I first met Krisen and David through my good friends the Hemati’s. His arm was around her waist, her gaze fixated on his every move. The love they shared glowed, one could not ignore it’s presence in the room. It was only after seeing them several times and loving them more and more with each encounter that I learned Kristen had been diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after they were married in 2001. (There was no history of breast cancer in her family)
David reported on Monday,

Monday, June 06, 2005
As many of you now know, we were told by the doctors at MDACC that there is no other treatments available. Anywhere. Not in the U.S., Europe or anywhere else.
The scans of the liver show that it is completely overrun with cancer. The last treatment didn’t even seem to slow the growth.
At first we thought she may have eight weeks left, but we’ve revised that based on the last two days. Her liver is beginning to completely shut down, and we now think there may only be days left.
Thank you for your continued love, understanding and most of all prayers during this very difficult time.

In Peace Kristin


  1. i went to the site and read the timeline… heart-wrenching. so young.

  2. Sorry to hear about this, Sass.

  3. I’m really sorry sweetie. I hate cancer. I know that’s such a stupid statement, but my mom died of cancer when I was younger. It’s such a horrible thing.

  4. Although my condolences go out to David and his family, I’m also sorry for your loss.

  5. wow. thanks for sharing the site. it changed my whole perspective on the day and i am now more appreciative of the sunrise.

  6. The circle of this is quite odd. I read her obituary in the paper this morning and took a long pause at her age and the loss that her husband and family and friends are going through. I was so saddened by it. And to read your site… I am saddened for your loss. How wonderful that her life influenced yours in that you could actually see their love. That you were once touched, you will remain touched. That apparently is a gift she gave you…


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