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Cool Beans

Sass Groovin

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When I first meet the wrong kind of right I will be bored with his looks and entertained with his personality. When I see the right kind of wrong, I will coyly glance in his direction and flirtatiously look away; the challenge and game of it all. Suck it. I am bored with that. So I started to do opposites. Its very Seinfeld, George I believe. George threw out his traditional logic, granted it was George logic, he decided to go against his normal behavior and reverse everything. EVERYTHING. So I tried it. Opposite day was always on a Wednesday when we were kids however, it was Friday night. Opposites worked like a magic talisman I wore around my neck, proving their worth.

I ventured out Friday night exhausted from the work week with 4 pals by my side, we tempted trouble. We prepared ourselves with red bull, friendship and an empty tank of gas.

I have you on the list, your coming right?

Um.yes well be there, (I only half meant it at the time) Call me on your way and well meet you outside.

I still wanted to back out. However, I was stuck and was being drug halfway across town to change out of flip flops and into heels. Heels people, the ones that promised, even threatened a blister or five. Because it was opposite day, how old am I, I decided to wear them on a Friday. We shot the bull, red of course, hopped in the Tank, new shoes and all.
That was only the beginning.

I did something I would never do.

I voted for Pedro.

I think he was stoned, he looked rather stoned. If he wasnt stoned, he was from a farm in rural Texas and had a dilatory look about him. We captured Mullets, danced to Duran Duran, White Snake, Cyndi Lauper all the while Living On A Prayer and Vodka. We danced surrendering our bodies to the 80s and rejoicing in the memories of the era.
A good time was had by all; I wonder what Pedro eats when he gets the munchies.
Man, were getting old.

Scroll down to see Mullet and Pedro


  1. I loved that episode.

  2. Opposite day…Heehee. We had that too as a kid. Where does that stuff come from?? Glad it’s working for you!

  3. Cool beans Dude


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