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Today Top 10 out of 1,000’s

10. Red Wine is good for the Heart
9. A good old fashioned water and food fight
8. Life is better with the sun roof open, you can see your aim
7. Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do
6. A riding lawnmower is not a toy
5. Patience, uh yeah
4. Feet are gross, but necessary
3. What a hero is
2. How to do a jump shot, lay up, and guard your opponent
1. No man will ever love me as much as my father.

Happy Fathers Day Dad
Some day I will get you that MG
(I have what I sent you this morning framed and matted. See you in a few weeks)

100 Things From Dad

1. A real man cries and shows emotion
2. To burp in rounds
3. You can never go wrong with the truth
4. Heíll always be proud of me
5. To look it up in the dictionary
6. Feelings donít know wrong from right
7. Donít worry about what other people think
8. Donít disappoint yourself
9. Sometimes you need a good old fashioned water and food fight
10. A capella music is about soul, go ahead and sing
11. When something terrible happens, you learn who your true friends are
12. It can always get worse, itís how you deal with it that matters
13. To cover an opponent by watching their hips in basketball
14. Thereís nothing more important than your health
15. Men need time to unwind
16. How to do a lay up. Pretend I am a marionette
17. To use chopsticks
18. Water the flowers
19. Donít settle, EVER
20. How to fly a kite
21. I can do anything I set my mind to
22. There are good men out there
23. Class not trash
24. To love the oldies
25. Red wine is good for the heart
26. God will take care of you.
27. To hate corny jokes
28. To find the joy of a story told by a relative
29. His laugh is contagious
30. Wheat thins and peanut butter constitute a meal
31. A splash of German
32. Life is better with the sun roof open, you can see your aim
33. To validate others
34. A riding lawnmower in NOT a toy
35. Sometimes you have to do things you donít like to do.
36. There is a big difference between passion and love
37. To eat a pickle and peanut butter sandwich
38. To respect myself and others
39. A good work ethic
40. Patience, uh yeah
41. To apologize, sometimes just to smooth things over
42. Few things are more valuable than knowledge and a good education
43. To be cool and calm, or at least try to be
44. There are two women, my Mother and everyone else
45. To Love
46. To eat the crust on my bread or Iíll end up bald
47. How to double jump in checkers
48. Organize and maintain
49. How to tile a kitchen floor
50. That if a woman is intelligent and funny, it doesn’t matter what she’s wearing
51. Disqualify a man with any obsessions
52. I need a man, not a boy
53. To play scrabble and checkers
54. Iím beautiful
55. The story of him getting stuck in a ditch in Wisconsin
56. Feet are gross, but necessary
57. To be a good story teller
58. A true man takes pride in seeing everyone as a whole do well, not just himself
59. Nobody likes a nag
60. When bored, go bang your head against the wall
61. You canít force it
62. This too shall pass
63. Our parents always try to do the best they can, sometimes they just donít know
64. How to play War with cards, not life
65. As long as we did our best in school, lessons, life he is proud.
66. Say ďyes sir and mamĒ even if itís your peers
67. Things are better well done
68. The man should love the woman a smidge more
69. How to dribble a ball
70. With a murderer you know what youíve got. With a thief you know what youíve got. With a liar, you never know what your dealing with
71. If I am going to smoke, heíll kill me
72. Save for tomorrow and enjoy today
73. Itís better to smell than to stink
74. There is a difference between poor and powh
75. Find what you love, do what you can get paid for, youíll find time for what you love
76. Reading will enhance your life
77. To rub a bald head with a paper towel
78. The difference between an Allen, Phillips, and a Flathead
79. Swing Low Sweet Chariot (still weird)
80. How to make pancakes
81. To bluff
82. Never say, ďI told you soĒ
83. To drive (like a bad ass)
84. To RELAX, and never to tell anyone to RELAX
85. That I am a lot like him
86. Itís okay to tell someone ďBite MeĒ
87. Itís not okay to hit someone
88. What it means to have balls
89. A gentleman will walk you to your door, put you in a cab, or drive you to your car
90. To aim and shoot
91. To read a map
92. ďYes dearĒ
93. To climb a mountain, I am small Ė it is big Ė thatís the challenge
94. To pump gas
95. Donít leave dishes in the sink
96. Unconditional love
97. What a hero is
98. To find humor in any situation
99. What itís like to have a true best friend

100. No man will ever love me as much as my father.


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