Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | June 27, 2005

Sun shining through my window playing peek a boo through the blinds, I pull the covers over my head and crawl back into my cocoon. 800 thread count sheets draping my waist and goose down pillows sheltering my head, 5 more minutes in the safety of my cocoon. Tis too early for Monday need to snooze for another Sunday. New apartment complex has led to meet new neighbors, and new friends. Very very bad for liver. My liver is quivering
Waking up and running to make purchase of should be coffee but found bloody mary mix in hand. I am dropping off my liver to be flushed; shall I take yours too?
Date #3 with Mr. Halitosis didn’t go as planned. Maybe I’m wrong, but when a gent picks a gal up at 5:00 for a late afternoon BBQ date it should end by 9 or 10. Right? I needed to get away, the Halitosis was killing every sense in my body. The mints didn’t work, neither did gum.

“Have you tried the mints? Here have 5.”

I’ve been really good at finding the unavailables lately, really good at living in Uncomfortable.
Newly out of a relationship man
Unavailable neighbor
The one who proposed after the 3rd date
Stalker John
Traveling Adam
Out of state girlfriend Joe
Mr. Halitosis

Realizations while discussing men over bloody mary’s became the stop sign in my path.
“Maybe it’s me?”
“No, honey it’s THEM”
Friends in denial not wanting to bring the party down, no honey it’s not you, it’s them. Don’t you worry your pretty little head over it.

I’ve been bored with the uncomfortable for so long now I wonder when the high will lift. Question if it’s possible. Can it and does it? I want my who, what, and where. Especially the Who. I want my kiss at the end of the day. The hand on the small of my back, the text msg. of love u, I WANT comfort. The drama used to make me happy, I think there were times I enjoyed it and discounted men looking for their faults. Maybe it’s not like the movies. I think that’s why I wanted all the damn drama in the first place. All the black and white movies. What’s a gal to do but continue down the path and hope the stop sign was a yield. And question is it me or is it you?


  1. Please take my liver with yours. I’m nursing a hangover today at my first day back from vacay. Horrifying.
    It’s not you. It’s just like the seinfeld episode. 95% of the population is undateable. You’ll find someone. It usually happens when you least expect it.

  2. Yeah, I think our apts need regular AA meetings. But wait till apt management change happening next week. The new management track record in Houston is not good.

    As for men, the last one was so close. It’s really like Seinfeld. Oh, it’s the same (or worse) for us men !!!

  3. I think I have inspired more Seinfeld quotes. How happy.

    No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

  4. Friends want the best for you and always make you shine in a good light. Sometimes, it’s hard for them to be honest – it’s during those times they should be.

  5. Sass, you and I can make a pact like in “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” If you are still single by the time you are say 33, I will marry you.

  6. Thomas,
    In theory that sounds like a great idea. However, it also sounds a little to much like settling which is something I’ll never do. I don’t think you would either. So you’ll have to settle for being my scary movie partner.

  7. You could always try the pact that they had in If Lucy Fell: if neither is involved in a serious relationship by her rapidly approaching 30th birthday, they will commit suicide by jumping together off the Brooklyn Bridge. I know you live in Texas, but NY is very pretty. 😉

  8. I have seen “If Lucy Fell” at my local neighborhood video store. I always wondered what the title meant.

  9. Was Mr. Halitosis the guy at the party that I met? I must have been too far away to notice.

  10. Suicide is so yesterday


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