Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | June 29, 2005


Sitting on the kitchen floor I pull my knees to my chest and lay my head on my legs. Ben and Jerry canít comfort me tonight. The cold tile sends chills up my thighs as the hair stiffens on my arms the moment Fur Ball Factory walks by and brushes my calf. My phone vibrates then switches to the song of William Tellís Overture. Not tonight ladies I canít bring myself or my liver to join the living drunk. I grab my IPOD, lace up my sneakers, and head out the door to work it out of my body and work it out in my head. Iím done with ambivalence.

Several hours later


The wrap of a fist and the echo of a barren apartment, my eyes popped open in the dead of night. Ping! Ping! A gentle bell as copper hit glass breaking the blackness. The ground needs to shake or a helicopter fly above my body shaking my core to wake me from a slumber. Aware of this, they tag teamed me with noise. Extra effort and gold stars awarded for their well thought out plot.

Ping! Bang! Ting!

Jolted awake I saw the glow of Jo’s green eyes as she darted out of the room. Warning! Warning! Something’s not right. Dizzy and disoriented I climbed out of bed reminding myself that burglars don’t bang. Ping! Tapping on my window a faint, ďJess you there? – Wake up NOW.”

Scared and disillusioned, I approached my bedroom blinds and peeked through to find TWO BIG GRINS.
“Hey Lover, need to see you now. It’s very important.”
“Ugh, go to the front door.”

This is a warning or a public service announcement – perhaps a little bit of both, if someone comes knocking at your door in the dead of night to rescue you – ignore them. Please. They were trying to save me and entertain themselves. The plot had been planned earlier in the evening possibly over a cocktail or TWELVE. They toasted to accomplishments and one another’s brilliance.
“She didnít return my call either. Game ON!”

Nothing like true friends to save another from dreaming of dancing with Justin Timberlake at 1:00 am. on a Tuesday. Still laughing at them and thankful for caring friends who love my guts more than enough.


  1. Good times.

  2. oh, the single life.

  3. Everyone needs to be rescued every now and then, even if that means having to rendevous with Mr. Timberlake on another night. ūüėČ

  4. Sounds pretty fun! Did you get up and drink with them? Must a been pretty hard to catch up to twelve drinks, but I know you could do it – you are a champion.

  5. Sass does not need much … 2 drinks minimum ūüėČ

  6. You kidding me? I drank you under the table Sat. Why do you always go and hide there when you’re drunk?

  7. I think you can do better than Justin Timberlake, Sass. You can’t be that depressed.

  8. Yeah, I mean who would want that schmo?


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