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A little fall of Rain Can Hardly Hurt Me Now (Les Mis)

Restless after dinner I went for a short run even though I had just finished kicking away my stress for an hour at the gym. Thunder in the distance and lightening in the sky should have scared me to stay inside. It was one of those great nights when the sun was setting to my right and thunder was jolting on my left. I had my cake and ate it too. The rain began to fall all around as Nelly turned to Dixie Chicks, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Offspring, Babybash,The Killers, and a little old school House. As the rain fell, I was unaffected and zoned enjoying running in the rain a little to much. Thats how things have been going lately regardless of what you may think by reading. I havent been involved with anyone for quite some time. However, heartache has been all around me.
Alison my heart goes out to you your entries move me everyday and are always beautifully written, the love of a father and daughter
(pssst he’s still with you)
Er I wont say it here I know youd hate that
Irf Now than later weve discussed it for hours
Ste – get in or stay out of the friend zone with her just make up your mind already – she’s being selfish – you know this and you deserve more.
And then there is Rea one of the few people I could spend 28 hours in the car with driving to LA to work on a film. Sunday morning she released an email to a select few attaching a picture with her wearing thigh high boots and bearing arms. Youza! Okay they were plastic pistols and she was dressed as Laura Croft taking baby steps to become a true Texan. Yale doesnt teach Texan. His PHD didnt teach him matters of the heart. Please be careful when doing a heart surgery, rip the bits out gently gentlemen and ladies – timing is everything in love and orgasms.

Note to gentlemen: if you are going to end a long- term relationship via cell phone, you might want to first ask if the person you are calling is a) driving b) in a dangerous yoga position or, of course, c) in the middle of Target and not really in a -position to talk.

Love is real, it takes time. It rarely happens overnight as adults we rationalize and make it complicated when it should be simple. He/She is nothing I should like not what I wanted and yet they are my husband/wife – I love and adore him/her. Love doesnt make sense if it did, what fun would it be? If you could predict the ending you would be bored … unless it really is happily ever after. Love is yelling, screaming, and slamming the door only to return 20 minutes later running through the house with arms outstretched never wanting to let go. Its wiping tears and snot, kissing cheeks, moving the wisps of hair from a face, brushing dandruff from a shoulder, knowing how you like your eggs, its making the coffee in the morning, not second guessing or playing with a heart, its nicknames and teasing, its knowing the phone will be answered and pushing them to be their best, its walking into a room as a pair and sticking up for your partner with out a doubt.
Its your best friend.

Love is uncontrollable and beautiful. I love LOVE and hate Valentines Day. The day your supposed to tell someone how much you love them and buy $4.95 cards. The one you love should know before you send them their free e-card. Love is everyday and reckless. Sometimes, you just don’t know. You put it out there wearing your best shoes to dinner and run to the bathroom in the morning searching for Listerine-looking in the mirror. It’s forgetting the small stuff and knowing the goodnight kiss will be there regardless. It’s reckless abandonment selfish and selfless.

I understand the reality of love. Happy 37th Anniversary Mom & Dad.


  1. Nice post, A. To me, Love is a mystery yet to be solved.

  2. Your blog reads like poetry.

  3. Too cute to be single.

  4. So sweet.

    37 years is a true testament to love. Congrats Sass’s ‘rents.

    I LOVE your thoughts on love and relationships. It helps put things into perspective for me. I am by nature a negative person, put your positive attitude reminds me why I put up with the bad times too. I LOVE being in love.

  5. Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them, and you. I’m glad you enjoyed the rain last night. It was a gift too brief.

  6. good post!

  7. Friend zone is no more. Jealousy can do funny things. Will keep you posted.

  8. I am really happy that it rained last night. Except that I was riding my bike at the time.

  9. I just read a story about a couple who have been married 87 or something years. That’s crazy. I hope my marriage is as sucessful as theirs and your parents. 🙂

  10. first visit to site, just saying hello. very revealing, I’ll have to read more

  11. I read this via a more recent post. Got all choked up.

    When you wrote this about your parents and love and all, I was fighting not to give in to panic and fear and loneliness and eat a gun. Funny how different a few months make, isn’t it? I mean, funny in an ironic way, not funny “ha ha”.
    You should make your future dates/boyfriends/whatver read your blog and interpert it. If they say scary things like that, run as fast as you can and don’t look back. You’re a powerfull writer, Miss Thang. And, I’d have sent all that in an e-mail, but, that just seemed creepy this morning.
    Keep the Good Stuff coming.


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