Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | July 6, 2005

Hostile Takeover

Iíve been hijacked.

One of my engineers broke into my computer and is looping Cat Stevens and James Taylor- what are they trying to do? Make me cry? Hardy Har Har boys. These guys love to play practical jokes on me. Last year after I got a speeding ticket they changed the settings on my laptop so that everytime I received an email a police siren boomed through my speakers. Go back to your little cave where furbies can only communicate with furbies and talk Dork all day long.


  1. Maybe we should contact the Department of Homeland Security.

  2. It’s just their way of showing that they care.

  3. Come on, IT guys are hilarious! (I used to change the printer status screen to read “insert quarter”)

  4. I think it’s time for revenge!

  5. Sass, you should get one of your girlfriends to visit you at work and just say “hi” to the IT guys. They will then probably spit out their Dr Pepper all over their shirts.

  6. Cat Stevens was bad…

  7. Sassy A,

    Thanks for the visit over at The Dream. Cat Stevens and JT? Could have been a lot worse, girl. Take care, PT

  8. roflmao
    so James Taylor and Cat Stevens are bad?
    well I’ll have to admit that I grew up with a huge hippy and yeah, my middle name is Free yup

    Jessica Free
    and I love it


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