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You Can Not Catch God From Me

To me he will always be Elevator Man and I will always be Levis Girl to him

Fridays phone conversation
EM: You wearing those jeans tonight?
LG: Mmmmmmmmmmmmm?
EM: The ones you wore to the Astros game? When I saw you I was like, Damn shes hot oh thats Jess.

It was a late Tuesday afternoon 2001 I was working at a Dot Com Technology Incubator and he for a mundane accounting firm. He worked in the building where our attorney officed. My mission that day was simple, to drop off a document for one of the many dot com companies to the attorney on the 16th floor then visit a client on the 9th floor. Mission accomplished. I stepped back on the elevator hit #9 the elevator stopped on the 14th floor. Frustrated I realized maybe I should have taken the stairs. He stepped in wearing a tailored GQ suite, I realized there was a damn hot reason I took the elevator. Neither of us recall exactly what was said other than I made a witty comment to which he replied with an equally witty comment the elevator dinged. DING!
LG: Have a good afternoon
EM: You too.

Smiling at the innocent flirting I walked into the lobby and found the client waiting albeit patiently for me. As we began to discuss his concerns I barely noticed the DING of the elevator and glanced over my shoulder. EM stepped out turned on his heel and walked directly towards me.

EM: Ill never forgive myself if I dont do this. If youd like to talk or catch a drink sometime, heres my card.
Stunned I was.

3 days went by – I threw caution to the wind and emailed him. He now says that was a rookie mistake, to give a girl your card and not ask for her number. He’s right. That move rarely works in bars, but in an elevator.
Homina Homina Homina.

We dated for 3 months. He was patient with me as I had just been released from the grip of hell long term relationship. We’re still good friends and have evolved over the years finding our path. Ive become more corporate than I care to admit while he found religion studying the bible and taking theology classes. One weekend a few months back he questioned what had changed between us. Nothing. Hes still as witty and charming just not the old EM I used to know. I ate those words last night as we danced. Hes still EM with a strong dose of God.
This mornings text message
EM: Dont worry you can not catch God from me



  1. The only one who could ever reach me,
    Was the son of a preacher man,
    The only boy who could ever teach me,
    Was the son of a preacher man,
    Yes he was, he was, oh yes he was.

  2. You are living in the bible belt of sorts even if you are sheltered by the inner loop liberal haven of houston.

    Bible thumping girls are a turn off and not my cup of tea or coffee or drink.

  3. Nice story. Hoped for a happy ending, however. P.S., did you know I was in Houston yesterday?

  4. ^_^
    I’m happy for you Sass
    Looks like things are changing… for the good
    Just take it easy
    and time will tell

  5. Irf – I will be going to the real bible belt this weekend – the Carolina’s where I am pretty sure it’s still illegal to walk down the street eating an ice cream cone.

    Plantation: Had no idea you were in H-town yesterday. Hopefully the heat and humidity didn’t harm you to much.

    Shawn – We are just friends –

  6. Soooooooooo, when do we get to see a picture?
    I’m in the mood for some Homina homina today.

  7. What about sucking popsicles?

  8. Actually, if it’s the Chapel Hill area of NC, you should have an awesome time. Very cool people around there. Not sure about the other areas.

  9. Hey Jess,

    I walked out of the airport and was hit with 90 degree temps and 100% humidity thanks to Dennis. Whew! What a steam bath!

    P.S. I used to live in Houston when I was but a babe in the woods 😉

  10. I only read the bible for the erotic sex stories! Hehe 🙂
    P.S. Where is pic from that night? I wanna see the Hip-Hop Limo that Mike Jones rode in on the way to the show.


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