Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | July 11, 2005

Off Balance

I would have liked to have hid under the bed or in the safety of a dark apartment with the comfort of friendship hiding from the world on weekends such as this previous one. I should have known balance of the universe was off Friday Afternoon. After leaving work 2 hours early to spend time with Very Holy Visiting Jersey Mother before she left yet again for a trip to Guatemala to aide the poor. The signs were all around however, am very happy go lucky and ignored signs. Late Friday afternoon we were sitting at the neighborhood pool of Big Brother. VHM in her black bathing suite bouncing little sisters 13 month old on knee. Niece was fixated on VHMs rings.

VHM: Bling! Honey thats bling. Can you say Bling?

When the universe makes a decision its hard to argue. The stars scatter in disarray lining up the weekends odd events as though tis one big game of Shoots and Ladders. Someone should have warned me with a bolt of lightening that universe had indeed gone quite mad. Had I been warned – would have padded entire body with armor to protect from Evil Male Vultures and the Beautiful and Bitchy Ambition.

I do hope the universe returns to normal as is hot as hell in Texas and cant deal with to much more, has been quite an emotional week. Am drowning self with chamomile tea.

And even though I know its worse when the author leaves it to your imagination. I simply must.


  1. Whatever it is that’s keeping you off balance, I hope your world returns to normalcy. Who said that anyway, Warren G Harding?

  2. In times like these, I tell my friends, turn to Buffy. All the answers are there. You just need to look. Just kidding…
    Hope the universe realigns for ya!

  3. Hmm, my last comment didn’t post. So maybe it’s a sign that it needed more thought.

    It sounds like you had a tough week, but it will get better. Things always get better for the bold beautiful redheads of the world. 🙂 I’m sorry things suck so much now though.

  4. Kiki – unfortunately I have never seen Buffy. Gasp, I know.

  5. Nodding my head with disaproval.

    I’ll forgive you. 🙂

  6. The mind Boggles but that’s the Risk you take, I suppose. Don’t ask me, I haven’t a Clue about Life. Sorry.

  7. I can’t let tinyhands have a Monopoly on all the good puns.

  8. You guys are all in Jenga.
    I mean Trouble.
    Or Uno.


  9. Meanwhile I am just trying to find my way out of the Mousetrap –

    Enough with the silly

  10. Maybe you need to Go Fish. I often find that a little tug-of-war can be a good Stratego, I mean Strategy, to alleviate any feeling of Old Maid you might experience. Or you could always go to the store and pick up enough candy to form your own land to help get out of this Maze. Perhpas, you could even find a way to really solve this puzzle, discover the Password, pick-up all your sticks, and Breakout of your Rubik’s Cube. Then it’s all Yahtzee.

  11. I really shuffled quite a few in there. I hope you weren’t bored.

  12. It’s never to early to understand Bling! Bling! Never, ever. I’d have a lot bigger jewlery if I had started much younger.


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