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Safe and Sound

Thank-you to Ronda (Risk) and John (cleaning out closet) for guest blogging

The good thing is we are all alive and the search party found Shelley and I after we got lost in the woods of North Carolina, treking through the woods in bathing suits and flip flops we’ve never been so happy to see a jolly man on a kayak. An absolutely terrifying experience. Nightmares.

I am still processing the events of the entire weekend, as we truly lived 10 years in 3 days. I came to realize that I will never have better friends than the three of them. We knew one another before marriages, jobs, children, success, law school, grad school, and making more money than you feel you should. We knew each other before we were ANYTHING and were raw, real, uncensored by societal norms and expectations. Back then long term planning meant making sure you made it home by curfew. This past weekend we was about US being US and ignoring the rest of the world. We took one another back to our roots,

“You keep that up those $80 heels of your are going in the mud”
“Actually they are $150”
“I don’t care you keep that up they are going in the mud”

At the close of the weekend we realized we really don’t like one another. We love one another and have not changed a bit. We still have the same problems, issues, and personal dilemmas we did ten years ago. Even though we have moved forward, changed location, and have degrees. We’ve moved forward but are stuck like a $150 heel in the mud.

What truly matters is, I can count on one hand the friends of mine that have become family. We point out out one anothers flaws but don’t rub them in. We’ve parted ways once again and will meet up after we have our grand adventures, conquer our hopes and fears and do remarkable things. When we are old and grey we’ll sit on rocking chairs sharing the raw unfiltered stories of our lives.

These are the one’s I love, my Sisters of the South.

See you in Vegas Ladies after we all turn 30.

“Our old high school is a WalMart”
“I downloaded Hole just for you”
“I was so afraid of losing you I was terrified when you were lost. I’d never get over losing you.”
“Think how much you love your son. That’s how much I love you.”
“This is one of those places, “You’ve got pretty lips little girl. Oh Fuck!”
“Turn right at the confederate flag”
“Turn left at the church with the graveyard”

“I can’t wait to get back to the trailer down by the river. Okay the fact that I just said that.”
“Your not going to cry over Tarot cards”
“I’ve mulled it over. Was it something I did? Could I have prevented his autism? WHY?”
“You and your daddy’s magic potions”
“Cookie Monster is on a diet. Yeah – the world is f_ked up”
“I’ve got a bloody mary and a coffee in my hand. Double fisted again.”
To the 12 month old, “the sooner you can walk the sooner you can get a job.”

“I didn’t say the woman is not a whore, I just said you shouldn’t talk to her.”
“That sounded kind of white trash”
“None of us take care of ourselves except for maybe J” “I’ve got a chocoate problem” “I’ve got a chick-file problem” “I don’t have a problem. I am just fine with everything.”

“My momma gave us numb chucks and a bee bee gun for protection”
“Yo they got some real crazies in these parts”
“What is my son going to do to offend me? I mean I listen to Korn and
Marilyn Manson. What is he going to do to shock me? He’ll probably be some type of country line dancing bible thumping boy who will ask me to come to bible school with him.”

“I can find them smart and cute but not funny. Smart and funny but not cute. Funny and cute but not smart. I can’t find one that’s smart, cute, and funny.”


  1. Sass, sorry about the “Sarah Jessica Parker” crack. I didn’t mean it as it crack. “Sex and the City” is one of my favorite shows and tend to like people who were on that show.

  2. I’m glad you made it out safe and sound. You were missed.

  3. You are really luck to have these close friends. I used to have a pack of 3, but we’re not as close anymore and don’t talk nearly as much as we should. Glad you’re back. Missed you.

  4. It hit me! Sass reminds me of Nikki Cox … or Geena Davis.

  5. No worries Thomas I was only kidding. At least the character has lots of shoes but she dresses funny.
    I’ve got Nikki Cox a lot but it’s usually from some drunk guy in a bar. Yeah. Geena Davis – what am I 50?

  6. At least you weren’t lost on a Friday at Crystal Lake.

  7. Sass ~ Well I’m not drunk, and I’m not in a bar … so … there ya have it. How did I know you would say that about Geena? I was thinking more young Geena, somewhere around circa Quick Change, maybe a few years younger.

  8. Sounds like this weekend is just what you needed. Glad to have ya back! I can see the Nikki Cox thing.

  9. I have recast your part, Sass.

  10. lol that last comment is like computers…

    when getting a computer you can get one that is…

    Fast and Reliable
    Fast and Cheap
    or Cheap and Reliable

    but you can’t have one that is
    Fast, Reliable and Cheap…


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