Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | July 24, 2005

Resisting anesthesia

I sat there feeling the weight of her words as she said it. The echo sent chills throughout my body. This feeling caused by a backhanded remark was trying to push me over.

“You’re kidding right? Why would you want to do that? That’s just down right selfish.
You’ll change your mind won’t you?”

While I was driving to a pool party she called and asked my plans for the evening. She was having a hard time understanding and couldn’t get her mind around me wanting to not do anything that night. Having committed my weekend to that of solitude and cleansing the liver. I had diverted those plans Friday and now Saturday afternoon. After turning down one invite for a girls night out, I opted for a quieter less intrusive girls evening with Kristina and Solei. Sushi and a movie was about all I could handle. And yes, I had to be “selfish” as she said. My liver has begun to send out warning notices. I had to go down and allow myself to be knocked out for the weekend.
“Go ahead and live like a hobbit if you must. But even hobbits come out to play.”
Not I

Sunday’s are meant for family, reading, writing, movies, long runs, and slacking off. Which is exactly what I have been doing all day. And spending 4 hours at Borders. Can anyone help me prove a crack gas emits from the ventilation system at Borders?


  1. Well I might suggest light a match but, well, you know…

  2. I guess if you are high you will spend more money. It is brilliant, really.

  3. And text messages….

  4. lol i think they have crack in the browies at B&N too O.o

    and just about everything in their little starsmucks

  5. I’m going to follow your lead and cleanse my liver. I’ve been giving it a beating.

    Crack gas! Hee hee!

  6. I commend you for not caving to peer pressure. My sister’s “friends” are always attempting to prevail upon her to do things against her will and my friends, well, um, I don’t really have friends.

  7. every once in a while, you love days like that. but i guess, pot smoking relaxing days are few and far in between 😉

  8. Funny Irf.


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