Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | July 25, 2005

All dried up

Ive just finished downing two liters of water and emptying a box of tissues from watching a sappy movie. Having already hit the gym this morning, I was left doing something I despise. Those who know me well understand I dont like to do it. And yet, I knew it had to be done.

I had to talk on the phone after work hours.

Shes one of my bestest (yes thats a word so shut it) friends. An hour later my ear was buzzing from the ear piece. We had shared our adventures and dilemmas of the previous weeks. I told her about the guy who came over at 10:12 and by 10:58 he sneezed his way back to his apartment claiming cat allergies.

**The real question is what was I doing inviting him over in the first place? **

As I prepare for my day tomorrow I found I missed a very important email from someone who also suffers from the same Distaste of the Phone. My older sister. The below was the spoon full of sugar I needed after learning my precious office mate will be leaving the company.

“Haven’t heard from you for a while, I know there are a lot of shoe sales right now, so maybe that explains it. Nothing new with me, but K. has taken to climbing the stove. She climbs onto the bottom drawer handle and then hangs on to the handle of the door and then somehow propels her body onto the stove (she also managed to haul her 27” body over the airplane seat this past weekend, much to the flight attendants delight). I know I probably should put a stop to it but it works quite well for me in my quest to find any excuse to not have to cook, ever. She also loves F. more than me, which although I know seems like the logical choice, is still a little messed up. I do find joy in the fact that she calls us both mommy, which irks F. to no end.

R. has two new obsessions. The first is adding. He runs around saying “Ask me to add, ask me to add” and then proceeds to line things up or use his fingers and toes to secure the answer. He can’t really go past 30 though. At times when I’m tired of singing row row your boat for the 319th time I’m tempted to ask him to add like 23 + 19 just too piss him off. I generally refrain. For the past week he has been asking everyone (teachers, grocery store clerks, other kids) “can you push your little car with your big car?.” When you act confused and try to clarify either that you don’t have a little/big car or you have no idea what he’s talking about, he says ” I don’t mean actually, but CAN YOU push your little car with your big car?” The kid is way deeper than me. We’ve decided he is either really smart, or schizophrenic”

Am very exhausted and having a hard time finding the words to write so I let my sister do it even though she’ll only half way mean it when she says don’t do that again.

Good night and yes Sis to answer your question, I’ll be home for Xmas.


  1. Ooo, boy drama. Now it’s getting spicy. 🙂

  2. **The real question is what was I doing inviting him over in the first place? **

    Been there.

    Cute email from sis! She should have a blog!

  3. allergies…i’ll have to try that one…does it work when there aren’t any pets? uh…i think there’s something in your couch that’s giving me some kind of reaction!….could i pull that one off?

  4. Because none of us have enough “boy drama” in our lives, right Justin?

  5. Thomas, boy/girl drama in others’ lives is so much more enjoyable. 🙂

  6. They should make a tv show just about “boy drama,” Justin. You would be so there, Justin.

    (otherwise known as the comments to a blog that will keep both Justin and me off the Supreme Court in the future)


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