Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | July 26, 2005


“So how did it go?”
“I got it.”

She’s listened to my drunken calls when this one was no different from the last. Or my walls refused to fall.

“You have yourself to blame for this one. You know that. Don’t take that the wrong way; I only want the best for you.”

We have had this conversation week after week and month after month. She WAS always listening

The three year old tore into hers’ with a vengeance ripping off the paper and tossing it aside like Jennifer Lopez does to husbands. She was looking for the golden goose egg buried beneath the layers of wrapping. The egg would entertain her only until the next one came along. We sat watching the kids as they unwrapped an early Christmas present. Their eyes twinkeled a stars brightness then quickly turned the grey of a storm cloud as they became aware of the others gifts. Screams of delight and stomping of feet ensued the madness. In the midst of it all my sister turned to me and said,

“I have something very special for you. It’s the best thing you’ll receive all year. But you have to promise to use it.”

She ran downstairs on her mission returning with a wrapped bottle. Hesitantly I pulled back the paper and burst out in laughter and tears. Sitting in the palm of my hand was the solution to my problems….. for fish tanks. The line stolen directly from a Sex in the City episode.

3 drops twice a week will “CURE ICK”


  1. You know what’s a great cure for Ick? Florida. 😉

  2. Gee, parasitic infestation. That’s, umm…hot.

  3. I can’t tell you how many times i have had to give Grant similar stuff…

  4. i think i have a case of “ick” too…would you mind sharing?

  5. a great cure for Ick-donuts 🙂

  6. I think I’m missing something, because I have no clue what this ICK business is about.

  7. Do you get this frequently?

  8. Oh, nevermind what I said then. I change my answer to donuts too. The “Hot Now” sign is illuminated.


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