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Ode to F.

At 32 years old he never imagined the woman he was out with Friday night would be at the party he and his date were attending Saturday night. Understanding the complexity of the evening when he saw her walk through the door introductions and small talk were quickly made. Desperately he tried to lead his date to the bar but she was enjoying the banter making the escape impossible. A drop of sweat beaded down his brow landing on the rim of his glass as he thought to himself, “This can’t be happening. Hmmm the three of us? I wonder if they would go for that? She might but She won’t.” Knocked back into reality he realized he was stuck like a crossing guard standing between two speeding cars waiting for the wreck. “Hey! I want you to meet someone” He was saved by the emergence of a drunken friend who recognized the scenario and grabbed Date Girl leading her to the dance floor. Pausing he took a deep breath and shared a laugh with Friday night girl before returning to his date.

The Swingers mentality was choking him. In Houston, it’s quite common to run into an ex or the guy/lady you’re trying to avoid. The fourth largest city where everyone one seems to know everyone or knows their friends. It’s the Kevin Bacon Game with real people.

The party wound down and plans were made for the last bar to hit before calling it a night. He and Date Girl would head to a friends club and Friday Night Girl would venture out with friends. Relieved to say good-byes with promises of future phone calls he was anxious to leave the party and head to a lesser soap opera setting. Several drinks later he shut the door of the cab making Date Girl promise to text message when she made it home safe.

The following afternoon had been planned for a relaxing ladies spa day. Friday Night Girl and Date Girl were once again at the same event sharing more laughs and a glass of wine. Date Girl was shooed into the bathroom to remove a face mask and was told

“You know Ronda went out with F. Friday night.”

Trying to fight back the laughter as mask was wiped off my face I replied, “I noticed the change in his demeanor when she walked up. She seems like a lot of fun and has a great personality. “

“You’re not upset?’

“Not at all. I really like her and it’s not going another round with him. Best he and I keep it at friends. He apologized for not calling me after I got back from my trip and I told him not to worry about it because the phone works two ways. I swear I need a better filter.”

Several weeks later Ronda and I bar hopped to Copa Room when the consumption of alcohol gave her balls. She knew it needed to be addressed. As she laid her purse down on the bar she turned to look at me then turned away. I was preoccupied trying to flag down the cute bartender. I ordered our drinks and she let it fly.

R: “Do you know the night we met when you were with F. I had been out with him the previous night.”

J “I knew that night but it didn’t matter because you and I got along so well. If nothing else we have him to thank for the introduction.”

Here’s where the story ends and begins. He’s now in a long term relationship with a great gal and Ronda and I are the best of friends. So when Ronda called Saturday afternoon reminding me she leaves for filming in Germany Monday. The date was made as all other plans were quickly canceled. Freshly polished nails and feeling like a sunburned hairless cat. She coyly looked at me and said,

“You know what would help relive the pain from the waxing?” A low carb margarita from Café Adobe.”

5 Margaritas later and bellies full of fajitas we had watched the sun set over Houston as we discussed soul mates, business ideas, and the trips we are planning. It was the best Saturday night date I have had in a long time.


  1. You’re such a good story-teller!

    I like the Kevin Bacon game with real people part!

  2. nice story. i was wondering about the point to the story. anyways, your saturday sounded a lot better than mine.

  3. Hey Sass. Thanks for visiting my blog and it was nice to visit yours. You’re a great story teller. I’ll be back.

  4. I am not sure if I am in the right place. I was looking for Sass’ blog.

  5. Thanks Kiki and Popeye.

    Irf – check email

    Thomas – come on now a gal is allowed to have a low key weekend every once in a while if it makes you feel any better the conversation was not G rated

  6. I meant the new look of the blog. But now it is back to the old look. I am confused.

  7. You may have hit the skinning feature bonafide style set up for me. When I began this blog I used a different template before changing to the present design

  8. I get you, Sass.

  9. Morning, Sass.

  10. That’s a crazy way to meet a cool freind. Glad it worked out. That was a sweet line, “its the Kevin Bacon game with real people.” Big ups to that one. Hope all is well!

  11. Awesome story. Good for you making such a great friend. I love it. I think it sounds like a sitcom!

  12. Awesome story. Good for you making such a great friend. I love it. I think it sounds like a sitcom!

  13. Seems like you’ve got lots of great friends and that’s cool. Great food and drink, conversation, and laughs. Doesn’t seem like a complicated formula for a great date, does it? Yet…

  14. Mmm… Margaritas. Low carb margaritas? I didn’t know margaritas had carbs in the first place. How do tequila, Cointreau, lemon juice, and lime juice add carbs? Cointreau is somewhat syrupy, I suppose. All this talk about margaritas is making me thirsty for a margarita.

  15. The carbs are in the syrup mix


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