Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | August 12, 2005

Nowhere Fast

I’ve lost my wallet, again. I looked in the usual places. I searched my car, under the couch, my freezer (found my car keys there once), my office desk, and under Jo’s bed. Nowhere. While I am busy canceling and reordering my life enjoy John’s guest entry.

It is 7:00 PM on a Thursday evening and I have yet to take a shower today. Some people can forgo a shower without attracting much attention, although I don’t encourage it as a regular practice. It was a conscious decision this morning, although not planned.

After wandering around in boxer shorts until 8:40 this morning, I had an “oh sh*t” moment. I realized I had a 9:00 AM meeting, and unlike other meetings for which I am regularly tardy, this one was important. This would not be a problem except for the fact I still had 20-minute commute, and as I mentioned earlier, I was in boxers. This is about the time when you start assessing the grooming routines that are important, and those that are optional.

I had decided brushing my teeth was indeed important, as was washing my face and running some water through my hair. One minute gone. I pulled clothes out of the closet, grabbed my shoes, and yes, got a pair of new boxers. Another minute passed. It had been three minutes since my epiphany, and I was now starting my car.

Out of control and bearing outbound down I-10, I thought I just might be able to make it on time. Traffic was light, although I usually take Memorial Drive into the office, so I was not sure what to expect. I could not believe it – I was making record time. This is about this time that I realized someone decided to pull a switcheroo on my exit ramp.
The exit was now in the far left lane instead of the far right lane were it was just a week before. I missed the exit, sealing my fate. I was going be late.

Ten minutes after 9:00, I finally got to the office, and found the meeting room. Nobody was there. Apparently I never received the update on my calendar. The meeting had been rescheduled.

It has been over ten hours since I started my day at a torrid pace. As I get set to leave the office for the evening, I plan on taking my time driving home. I have had enough of going nowhere fast


  1. i’ve been there, but it seemed like it took me longer.

  2. Oh, that shit drives me crazy. You get to feel relieved and stupid at the same time. . .

  3. Good story. Most of the time I’m late for meetings, I sit down to be immidiately thrown out by my linebacker of a boss. Couldve been worse.

  4. I lost my wallet too! This sucks.

  5. I found a wallet once. Stupid me – I turned it in without looking to see what was in it.

  6. I haven’t read your posts yet, but HAD to comment on how awesome your site looks. Very sassy, great fonts, great colors, great set up. Love it. Ok, going to read now.


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