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She’s been planting flowers and turning over rocks in hopes of finding me the last few weeks. Where have you been? Under a rock? What’s his name?

These are the questions I have been avoiding like a kid dodging a ball in gym class. Directly hurling words and waiting for their impact.

“You’re recoiling,” Erin said as we tasted wines on a Monday evening in Uptown Park. “It happens to me every few months.”
“Does the recoiling come with a blue print?”

Long days of temperatures rising as I allow my straps to fall exposing my bare shoulders. Tis enough to lead one of sound body and mind to wave a flag. Not to give up, ever. A holding pattern of sorts while I wait in the starting blocks for the gun to go off and start a new ….

Headed back to the drawing board to make plans and tear up my violated To Do lists. Too often we float and allow time to move us along the path. No goal or slot in life, only automatic. We squeeze things in and jam friends into time slots. Pulling out our day planners to schedule a time to “hang out”. Weeks, months, and occasional years pass by sometimes with out a call, text, or email. When tired and the day has beat us down we’ll reach for IGNORE then shove the phone back in the bag. Feelings may be hurt and emotions stifled. The caller is making an effort in hopes to say, “I’m okay. You Okay?” This was not the case last night.
“It’s a wine tasting, I think French. It it will be fun”
Hesitantly I agreed then quickly called to cancel. The third time I called she was tired of me until I said six words she was excited to hear.

“I just turned my car around”

My plans of hauling sassy ass to the gym were canceled. Was the best decision I had made all day.

We plotted, planned, and pulled out our calenders to nail down dates for future events. How did we get to be so busy? In that moment you you realize that’s not what it’s about. It’s planning a date with your friends and enjoying the experience with them. Arm in arm – and knowing I want them in my pictures for a long time.

Later that night I would whisper good night, through my ear piece, to Soleil as I pulled into my parking garage. She held true to our pact, even promised my mother last Christmas, she’ll always be there for me. Day or night.

Thanks for answering your phone late last night and talking me down.


  1. Do you wonder what happened to the spontaneity? Was it ever there or was it a myth?

  2. Last night spending time with Erin, Celeste, Kristina, Luke, and Todd was totally spontaneous. A Monday evening wine tasting after we were all tired from work – we longed for laughter and good friends and met the need.

  3. Good for you.

  4. For us.

  5. Right, right.

    Do you ever fall into ruts? How do you get out of them?

  6. Usually you have to rock back and forth … or is that with ice? Hmmm … melt the ice?

    I want wine … a nice sexy red….

  7. Thomas it’s called PMS – watch it.


  8. This is so true, youlose track of time and get stuck and need to shake it up. Well done on skipping the gym and well done to your friends too!

  9. I wonder if there is such a thing as male PMS, Jessica.

  10. yes, thomas. there is. at least that’s my excuse.

  11. Oh how I miss the wine tasting days…

  12. I’m glad you made it home Sassy… you can call me ANY time (day or night) If you are lost, I’ll guide you home & make you made it home okay!!!

  13. You are very lucky to have a friend like this. . .

  14. Where is Uptown Park? Near downtown? Wine tastings rock. Glad you guys had fun. You’re right about ruts. Easy to get into and tough to get out of.

  15. Plantation- Galleria Area: Uptown Park is that strip just north of Post Oak on 610W where Champps and McCormick & Schmick (among others) are to be found.

  16. Plantation, just look for 3 Starbucks in a one-mile radius.


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