Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | August 21, 2005

Savage Rat & Drowned Red Head

Had I not been feeling the burn from a pinched nerve and the week not have gone quite as awry, I would have put on my best Matilda with two snaps up and a circle. However, a 4:30 email from Erin questioning my plans for the evening extracted such reply, “Nada – but I could sure use a margarita. Now.” And so the story begins.

In true 227 style, calls were made as the team of neighbors assembled. New TexMex restaurant next door is becoming quite handy. Two margaritas and several hours later my arm had been twisted turning happy hour into a night my liver would regret.

Note to self: Work on drunken filter or hail down wagon for a sobering ride.

Not because this is Texas, because it was the largest vehicle we could find. All piled in to a truck heading to the latest and greatest bar of choice. Upon arriving, I ran into a friend I would end up cursing, even now. Three shots of Patrone and I have branded him evil. Evil.

The usual bar antics of smiling and flirtatious sideways glances occur when I run into S.

“Come on I want you to meet some guys. The Killers are here.”

E. walks buy in a stream of blonde streaks as I grab her arm,
“Come with us.”

They are normal average looking guys of the not comfortable in their own skin famous. I stand to the side making new Greek friend as E. approaches the crowd. She steps right up interjecting at the appropriate moment.

“Hi, I’m Erin.”
The girl to the guitarists left turned to E. and with one swift movement of the tongue she laid down her protective law.
“Who the fkcu cares? He’s with me.”
E. turned on her heel leaving the negative behind. Minutes later I would find myself outside searching for E and suffering from foot in mouth disease.


UGH! Can’t believe I said that. Humiliating

There are things I love about this city and things that are growing on me. But I will never get tired of the Mr. Rogers “won’t you be my neighbor” tone. This city is not one for attitude or bitchy remarks. Houstonians pour cherries on the negative and acknowledge the positive. It’s not sugar coating or painted on personalities, friendliness is the vibe and beat of the city. E. was being hospitable and not after your man. Take the ‘tude’ somewhere else savage rat.



  1. Mmmm, Patron.

  2. sounds like that rat is from around here.

  3. This city is not one for attitude or bitchy remarks. Houstonians pour cherries on the negative and acknowledge the positive.

    Love that turn of phrase!

  4. Must be a Yankee…

  5. Wow, someone needs to chill.

  6. The Killers? Who…what?? They sound very mad.

  7. Woops hit post too soon. The girl with the band needs to chill. Obviously she isn’t from Houston. I’d say the East Coast…

  8. the killers band website

  9. I’d be pissed! I love The Killers and if some beotch said that I’d be all like, “Listen hooch. Ain’t no one want to mess wit choo. Why don’t you just move yo little ass over there and get out of my grill.”


  10. The Killers? Cool.


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