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Hard to believe

On one side, she’s my sister’s best friend. A rebellious gal in her early 20’s who is finding her way at Southwest Texas. I mean, Texas State (the school has a new PR firm). She’s my other little sister in case the first one doesn’t work out. Just kidding Em. She speeds up the tempo of life filling bland moments with sarcastic comments and times you’ll never forget. Just from being close to her life is better and your step is lighter. She’s a delight and a true gem.

There’s a bad side – a storm of emotion that comes to the surface when her heart is broken or she’s stressed at finals. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde during a peak performance. However, the dark and vengeful side is nothing like her – even while she’s sitting in the dark. Negative thoughts of such treachery would never cross her mind.
Her mother would kill her.

The other Katrina is much more feisty. Upon first learning she was approaching the Gulf, a sense of giddiness spread through my office. We questioned if we would be released from work….if or when she came our way. She changed directions and headed inland. My guess is she was afraid of the cowboys. However, she flexed her muscles at the good ol’ boys hitting the oil industry. We will all feel the effects of their loss.

An open letter

Dear Katrina,

You swirled onto land looking for blood, death, and destruction. You left no path for escape jamming 1-10 and other escape routes. What made you so angry? Mother Nature teamed with you? The anger and spite. Of what? I don’t know. You smacked towns in the face flattening structures and erasing cities. Is this normal? Does not play well with others. Yeah, we got that.

Some were able to find refuge in towns near by , others were stuck on the interstate pulling over and simply slept in their cars. You ruined towns and shook them at their foundations. Then, you tapped New Orleans and albeit showed pity.

You manipulative bitch.

You were contemptuous with your gale force winds shaking the levees and shattering their strength. They broke like you knew they would. And now, the city is underwater.

Rescuers are passing bodies to save the living.

Today, while waiting in line for my Fourbucks, I felt guilty while talking to a mother and her 8 year old daughter. Guilty only because while they were fleeing for their life, I was picking out shoes. Shoes! What the? Seems rather trivial now doesn’t it? She saw their house floating down the street on the news. At least she thinks it was their house. The child clutched her teddy bear while her mother and I discussed the neighbors that concerned her. Were they still..? We both hoped they are okay.

The disaster you left will take years to clean up. There is loss of human life, possessions, and memories. Even now, my anger turns to tears. But I can’t help to state again

Katrina. You BITCH!


  1. i felt guilty for buying a breakfast burrito this morning.

  2. nice write-up.
    yeah, i was listening to the stories last night (which seem to be getting worse rather than better), and i actually cried.
    i feel so stupid – i usually look forward to hurricanes, ’cause we get to miss work and snuggle up in our homes with a good book while eating all the ice cream because the electricity is out.
    but the death and destruction is a nasty side effect, and in katrina’s case, the ONLY side effect.
    everyone affected is in my prayers.

  3. sarah. why cant i get to your site anymore?

  4. the office where our server is located is in the middle of a move… shouldn’t be too long.

  5. You should all move up to Seattle with me where all we have to worry about is volcanoes.

  6. Maybe they could relocate New Orleans to Seattle.

  7. Yikes. Natural disasters just suck.

    What a bitch.

  8. Hey Sass, I thought you might be interested in this. I created a donation page for monies to be disbursed through the Red Cross but to go directly to those surviving Hurricane Katrina. I know it’s just as easy to donate directly to the Red Cross. But when I tried to go to the Red Cross donation page, I had a really hard time getting the page to load. I’m sure it’s just because the site is probably getting overloaded with internet traffic. So I thought this might make it easier. Check out my blog and feel free to forward the page to those you think might be interested in helping as well.

    I love your post, very moving. You are an incredible writer.

  9. New Orleans or USC were my choices for graduate school. I even went and visited and really considered moving there but then decided I needed my family more than the wonderfully, rich and exotic lifestyle that New Orleans offered. I’ve never felt so sick to feel so blessed. Light a candle and say a prayer for all those refugees.

  10. Jess,

    Yes, what a manipulative bitch. She knew – KNEW – that those levees were the only thing keeping New Orleans…land. All that history, all that culture, all those folks, trapped and molding under feet of water. It’s such a travesty and I hate her. Katrina be damned!

    To the person who said he/she kind of likes hurricanes, me too. Every year, I watch and wait for the thunderstorms, being a fan of storms in general. Charlie, Hugo, these are names I equate with devastation for those I know and lots of thunder and rain for me to enjoy. Only this time, the tragedy has far outshone any fun at all.

    And now, an open letter from me to the people of Baton Rouge and other LA cities, I just want to say…listen, New Orleans puts up with all of you people and your litter and your crimes and your excesses every year at Mardi Gras and you can’t house their people for a little while until they get back on their feet? For shame! They opened their doors for you, threw you a big party year after year, and you say no? “No more people, sorry, we have enough.” God is up there shaking his head at you, I’d swear it.



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