Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | September 21, 2005

Baby I’ve got my eye on you

Anyone up for puddle jumping or canoeing down Allen Parkway?

How about a hurricane party?

I really shouldnít be making jokes in the aftermath of Katrina. People deal with natural disasters in various ways. Some cry and shut themselves off from the rest of the world. Others ignore the obvious and down grade the magnitude of the situation. Some placate to their own circumstances and toss jokes around as though they are playing a friendly game of horse shoes.

ďItís rather ironic the hurricane is named Rita since we drink so many margaritaís in Houston.Ē

Then, there are people like myself who canít seem to get enough of CNN and MSNBC. It’s no wonder I had nightmares last night.

Didnít we just go through this? Didnít I just see first hand how a hurricane can affect people?

The only thing my family asks of me is to buy the right size clothes for their children and to stop teaching the kids to scream. When my brother called and my sister-in-law returned an email this morning I didn’t think twice about responding.

N: “You’re coming,” the tone in his voice wasn’t looking for an answer, he wanted an affirmation.

“I’ll be there. Can we make rita’s?.”

“I may be spending a few days with you.”


  1. I hear you. I keep hoping that somehow it will just die out, but that won’t happen. It’d be nice though. Good luck!

  2. we’ll be here. so if you need us to do a drive-by on your place to see if it’s still standing, lemme know. hehe

  3. suddenly, i am craving neighborhood ritas at terlingua.

  4. Yeah, better not fk around with this one. Be safe.

  5. Yeah, I think you should get out of there just in case. I mean, you never really know. I hope everything works out fine for you guys.


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