Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | September 22, 2005

salt on the wound

I feel rather foolish because a natural disaster is about to hit and I was craving hummus. An hour later, I am stocked up on hummus, wine, water, laundry detergent, eye shadow, vitamins, and have enough hummus to last me until the power goes out.

The temperature is approaching 99 degrees today – everyone’s temper is much more moderate.
When this whole thing began, I immediately began thinking about getting the hell out of dodge. My car is full of gas but the body is on empty. If I leave the car will be stuck on the highways. GRIDLOCK. Cars are stranded in the median broken down and out of gas. Homeland Security is requesting the Pentagon fly gas in. This will take hours.

After all this is done, I have to say “Bill White for President”

If I could get out now – I would. The city is opening the inbound lanes for out bound traffic which is slightly easing the flow. I plan on trying to head to my brothers around 6:00 am unless Rita makes a drastic turn to the East.

For now, I am enjoying sitting in the air conditioning and turning a nob to feel the pressure of cool water caressing my hands.

I can’t dial out on my cell phone. If you are trying to reach me please call on a land line.

All my love.


  1. good luck, sass. prayers are with you.

  2. Stay safe and enjoy the ‘ritas!

  3. I thought you were leaving sooner. It looks like I’ll be here until maybe Monday. If you get stuck and/or need anything, email me and I’ll get in touch.

  4. so YOU are the one that took all the hummus and eyeshadow!

  5. Thinking of you. And hey, cravings are cravings, indulge them no matter if a hurricane is on the way or not.

  6. Bill White for President! Indeed. What a job. Good luck through this. Best.

  7. Good luck through this. Best.

  8. Hummus. You kill me. What flavor and what are you dipping into it, pita chips, carrots, or what? Give Rita hell.


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