Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | October 3, 2005

Nazi’s & Champagne Kisses

This weekend was one for the books. There’s been a lot of drama.

Thursday evening I tossed my napkin on the chair and told my coworker,

“I’ve gotta get out of here. This stomach ulcer is killing me.”
“Damn woman, your leaving me alone? You’re going to miss the boring speeches”
“You’ll miss me. I know.”

Two hours later I looked to the side of the bar and pointed out a man that looked strangely familiar.

Erin buckled, “It is. The Volunteer Nazi”

Weeks before, I found myself enjoying flirtateous banter at the most inappropriate place. Unintentionally of course. Now this man I thought I would never see again was standing right before me. I shuffled my feet and managed a wry, but not so innocent smile.

That’s when Trouble found me or I found Trouble. Either way Soliel brought it Thursday. Hiding it like a pet she was trying to sneak in. I was going about the casual hello’s and catching up on all the “he said she said crap” when guess what time it is? Trouble time. Yup. Leave it to my friends to casually meet up for a drink and invite Mayhem, Trouble, & Spice. My headache Friday morning thanks you very much.

Saturday was spent running the Race for the Cure, shopping, nails. Then on to Rhonda’s “fantasy farewell celebration” I had friends coming out my tear ducts. I’ve lived in Houston long enough now to know a scattering of information about people I run in to time and time again. I was surprised and proud of one petite curly blonde when she told me about her ass kicking abilities. Grrrrr.

“She told me, ‘(insert comment that is so mean I won’t even write it).’ I jumped up and punched her.”

She went Jersey. And for once I can say, the gal had it coming.

Sunday was supposed to be brunch then to watch the games. However, certain someone’s would not wake up. AHEM! That wouldn’t stop us.

We met in a crowded bar. A.D.D. was on the menu. Texans on one screen, Astros on another, and the Eagles on yet another. Conversations of friends, surgeries, and to much work talk flowed out of the taps. In between touchdowns and homeruns we laughed and took shots thinking the Astros might not pull it off.

Here we go again. Boss – can I have off at 3:00 on Wednesday?


  1. Good luck.

  2. I would give you the day off, but well I am not your boss. Good luck with that.

  3. Sounds like a helluva weekend. And, your Astros made it, too. My Marlins didn’t make it and neither did I.

  4. i think your ulcer will be acting up again on wednesday early afternoon…take a few shots and call me in the morning..

  5. Sass, I’m pretty much slow, but did you really hit the girl?

  6. Kiki, no – it wasn’t me that hit anyone. It was a friend I saw at the party. She told me what this person said to her and she nailed her.

  7. Hey Sassy! Great post.

    Just FYI I created a new blog and while I am still linking to my old one for now, I removed the blogroll on the old one. I do have you linked on my new site. My new blog is

    🙂 Jess

  8. Wow. I think this post has changed a couple of times since I commented.


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