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It’s no secret that I have a problem letting go of things. I cup my hands in hopes to capture a space in time. Close my fingers around the empty cavern. I want to hold on to that moment for safe keeping. Seal it tight in a jar and relive it’s majesty.

If only I could.

I would.

These are the moments that take your breath away and leave you longing for more. It’s a speck of time that can easily go unnoticed. It’s that speck, that moment in time, when a chord is hit and resonates for years to come.

Moments of Trust when a man stands in front of a woman and says, “Those aren’t my handcuffs”. And moments of trust between friends when one says, “No your butt looks great in those jeans.” In that moment you believe in the friendship and the woman realizes the handcuffs were from a halloween costume for their 6 year old son.

Moments of love and occasions of passion that leave you wondering how you ever got a long with out that memory. It’s helped you build the strong core that makes you healthy and well adjusted.

Moments of good-byes that linger. Which is why, short good-byes are the only way. A hug, a kiss, “Bye.” I’ll turn to catch the moment a friend, relative, or past lover walks away. The look on their face as they turn on a heel. With each stride, I am etching the memory.

Moments of fear that dawdle in the recesses of my mind until I wake shaking and picture myself lying in splinters of glass. Damn those things that go bump in the night.

Moments of worry and stress that lead to *(^^&* stomach ulcers.
(I’m blaming the circus clown job)

Moments when life is defined and you sense the meaning you missed just a moment ago.

Brief Moments between strangers and shared unspoken conversations. While grocery shopping a young mother glared at me as I picked an orange from the bottom of the pile. What was I doing? They could have fallen on her.

Moments you realize miracles truly can happen. Perhaps, just perhaps, your prayers were heard.

“Oh Shit” moments understanding the enormity of life or falling down the stairs, again.

Moments of joy and uncontrollable laughter that leave you buckled over and your stomach sore.

Moments you feel and know you are loved. You really can feel a phantasm hug from those far far away.

This fast paced world we thrive in day to day following through in a robot like fashion can lead us to forget. To cherish. These moments. There are no plans or do to lists. There’s only a right then and there. Enjoy the exploded moment because right now is the only thing you have for sure.

“As happens sometimes, a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped for much much more than a moment.”

—John Steinbeck


  1. Nice. Thanks for sharing that moment.

  2. “exploded moment” love it!!!

  3. Genu(ine re)flection

  4. oh shit moments are the greatest…i’d say that one can be coupled with the handcuffs one…

  5. yes. yes indeed.

  6. I love those moments. All of them because they make us who we are.

  7. Wow, I’ve been clicking around from one blog to another for a while now and your “moments” really got me hooked. Lovely words. I, too, have a problem letting go of things.

  8. Thanks for the reminders; I need them everywhere, every day.


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