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Today has gone exactly like this. Wake up grab blackberry. Stare at the time. Drop out of bed. Open bedroom door and stare at R. in bathroom as she washes her face. Stumble into kitchen. Open fridge. Place hands on newly rediscovered hip bones and hear ex boyfriends voice saying, “EAT WOMAN. EAT.” Silence voice with red bull and walk back to bathroom. Ask R. what she did last night and proceed to search for running clothes. Say good-bye to R. and head to park then realize I missed nieces soccer game. (bad bad bad)

Arrive at park and strap on IPOD. Begin running replaying the previous nights events in head. Recall man grabbing my arm and pulling me close.

“Hey I know you.”
“Do you?”
“Yeah you came into Carl Lewis’s old restaurant years ago with your boyfriend and”
“Ex ex ex”
“Whatever I can’t”

His arm slides around the small of my back and he pulls me closer. Thank sweet baby Jesus for good guy friend who makes cell phone in back pocket vibrate shaking his arm loose. My hero for the moment as I drift from strange man’s grasp.

Recall early early earlier evenings events. There was a date. A normal, dare I say, man? Could I? Silence inner goddess voice and sprint remaining miles back to car. Thank sweet baby Jesus for speed and friends.

Arrive home. Talk to J. about attending Astros game. Check online account for shopping hazard. Send a text msg. or two and feel utter guilt for missing nieces soccer game. Talk to Erin and feel liver quivering. Bloody Mary? Okay.

Hey battah battah swing battah

Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy

UPDATE and drunk blogging **** post game. We WON!!! Received strange but very funny text message from ex boyfriend who was also at the game “I just met Bill White at the urinal.” Then, even stranger text from last night’s date “I am right above you” Could he see me? How does that psycho song go?

Now . . . J. dropped me off at home to get ready for dinner with Kristina and Mr. Cardiologist (yawn) before the evenings antics begin. This will be good and trust me – there are ALWAYS stories (but I might not tell you) Until then – pass the champagne J.


  1. well, congrats on the win.

  2. Congrats on the ‘Stros. I think they’re gonna win the World Series.

  3. Kennedy? Cute.


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