Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | October 17, 2005


I’ve just sent out an evite and directly lied to a coworker.

“It’s my allergies.”

I’m fine really. When I first started this dumb blog it was to be anonymous. That lasted about a month until Sarah called me out. Now I have friends of friends and family members that read every dumb word I write. This bothers me. But, I put it out there. To read. This is my outlet. The place I can scream, yell, rant, and cry. All the emotions I hide when you’re not around.

Please join us tonight to wish Jacki happy birthday and to watch the Astro’s run to the world series. We have reserved the lounge area. (Thanks Michael)

Pub Fiction game time 7:05 pm


  1. Go Houston. I will say that once and only once. Then, when they get to the series, you can watch the boys in black get all southside on your boys. Chicago in the house.

    On another note. Do i really have to piss off and get off your blog? But…I love your blog…dont make me leave. I promise to be good.

  2. go astros. and as far as the blog is concerned, say it loud and say it proud, sass. we love you for it.


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