Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | October 20, 2005

Jessica Rabbit

“You know I am closer to you than any other woman.”
“Perhaps, when you sent this. Now, you are sitting six feet away and there is a brunette six inches from you.”

My coworker was deriving his entertainment from throwing popcorn kernels at me pestering like a growth I was trying to ignore. We were stranded at a medical conference working the booth Wednesday. We were bored and trying to ignore talks of insurance adjustments, new starke laws, medical coding, and stipends. I sat in the back of the ball room scrolling through my phone emailing and text messaging my friends begging them to entertain me before I lost all signs of life. I scrolled through the previous days emails ensuring I had answered all questions from the engineers. Those guys, so detailed oriented. It was then I noticed a text message that made my stomach lurch. From Soleil . . .and I stopped right there. HUH.

What did I . . . do?



The text message was from Tuesday afternoon, I missed it entirely. I swept right past it ignoring the significance and never opening the mail symbol.

“After last night, you deserve an academy award.”


“Soleil, I just saw this. Oh no! What did I do now?”

What story would be passed around the group of friends? How many times would they ask me, “Do you mind if I tell this story?”

She responded, “You were hilarious. You played drunk girl and fell down to rescue Jackie from someone.”

“Oh. That’s how I got those bruises. After dancing last night I woke up with my back aching. I felt like I was sliding down a pole all night.”

Her response, “That’s hilarious. But, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Suppose it’s nice to know if this day job thing doesn’t work out, a gal has options.


  1. but of course by the time it spreads through your friends, it will be blown all out of proportion. what are freinds for after all? the legend grows.

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