Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | October 21, 2005

Chicago Ignore Our Smelley Feet

Mayor Bill White has declared this a no socks weekend.

Anyone else find this absolutely silly?

Oh well – I needed to get a fresh pedicure anyway.


  1. I live here in Houston and I find it dumb as all get out. But…I have no socks on because, well, its Houston and I still have sandals on.


  2. When I first heard this I thought it was a joke.

    I wish we were playing the Yankees. I can always go for boycotting northerners. lol

  3. Thomas,

    That would be funny if I wasn’t a Yankee.

  4. I was pulling your leg a little, Sass. I said that because I know you are a Yankee.

  5. Silly internet – one never can read sarcasm.

  6. Well I guess since the Mayor has solved all of the other problems plaguing the city, this is really the next logical step isn’t it? 🙂

  7. The mayor must be from California. I wear socks about once a month. It’s the only way to live, really.

  8. I am a pretty sarcastic person so maybe you should assume everything is say is meant to be sarcastic, Sass.

    Have a good weekend.

  9. Good luck tonite. I think Roger will bring it home. You COULD have invited me, ya know. Instead, I’m stuck here with Wilma 😉

  10. Hey Sass, I read your comment about Aetna, do you have any background…experience….what do you know about them being slow? Let me know what these folks are in for….Jessica

  11. Can we start wearing our socks again? Because I bought these cute pair of argyle socks this weekend…

  12. Is that for real?

  13. yes – it was for real.

  14. Ok, we will.

  15. i am so tired, I didn’t get it at first…

  16. Anyone else find this absolutely silly?


  17. Okay I’m such a blonde.


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