Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | November 7, 2005

a little escape

“Your going to get kidnapped”
“My cousin is connected in the Mexican Mafia. Do you want me to call him?”
“I know some good lawyers in Mexico.”
“High dollar for a red head.”
“I know a few loan sharks if you get in trouble down there.”

After reviewing 30 pages of items Americans should be cautious of while traveling in Mexico we shut the car door and arrived at the airport. I still couldn’t believe we were doing something that was to be dangerous. We had been warned by friends. As Americans, we stood a good chance of being kidnapped and held for ransom. To prove his worth Manfred tried to out snob me on the plane.


We arrived at the W Hotel mesmorized at the enormity of it’s amenities.


A hammock in the bathroom, flat screen t.v., wi-fi, and room service.

That’s how we roll

We armed ourselves with weapons and headed down to the Whisky.

pillow weapons.jpg

The doctor put on her tough face.

erica looking tough.jpg

The people in the bar were very friendly. We soon learned they had ulterior motives.

Brazillian Babe: Quererlo todo?
Manfred: Si, quiero todo.
Bralilian Babe: Es hombre rico?
Manfred finally reaizing what the B.B. meant by wanting it all.

manfred oh.jpg

We kept our guard up and went to a club called LOVE. And danced till the early early morn.

erica and i hands dancing.jpg

Upon waking Saturday morning and making it through one day of not being kidnapped, robbed, or stabbed. We toasted to life.

tequila cheers.jpg

Cautiously we wandered the dangerous streets.


Later that night we prepared ourselves and put our game faces on.

ghetto style.jpg

We started to relax at dinner and let down our guard.

group shot dinner 2nd night.jpg

Hind sight is 20/20 or so the saying goes. There was danger out there in the big bad city. The restaurant called our weekend cab driver, Armondo. He drove us to Shine and took us into danger. Look!

all the disco balls.jpg

Predators in the club had their eyes on us.

scary party people.jpg

We were no match for them. After all, they were professionals.

manfred and party people.jpg

Nothing is what it seems.


Approaching 5:00 a.m. our capturers returned us to the hotel. Tired and ready for a good nights sleep.

farewell mexico city.jpg

After arriving at the airport Sunday afternoon Manfred took his bag from the cabbie and said,

“This is our last time to get kidnapped.”

Exhausted, I smiled and wondered if they found the guy who escaped from death row in downtown Houston.

Now that is scary.


  1. Yes, they caught him. Apparently, with little fuss, too. No gun battle or anything. I think my father was a little dissapointed.
    Sadly, my adventures in plumbing do not match your weekend escapades. Pictures are still forthcoming and we are not a camera friendly bunch, so they’ll be few and bad.

  2. Great photo Jess! Looks like you had a great time.

  3. Oh I am so jealous. Looks like you had fun.

  4. Oooooo…that was a fun little adventure. I felt like i was with you although the ending to the proposition with the Brazillian Babe may have ended differently. Kidding!

    Well, from the looks of some of the faces of the people you met down there, it would seem that clubbing in Mexico City is a lot of work and contingent upon making a very intense face.

    Glad you had fun. Holla!

  5. Looks like you had so much fun!!!

  6. very jealous over here. glad to see you smiling.

  7. I need a doctor.

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